As of Sunday, July 9, a campaign committee for Dwayne Johnson's presidency has been created. The campaign is called "Run The Rock" and the public are confused as to whether or not it is some kind of joke. Regardless of the intentions, this means that Johnson is now eligible to run for the presidency in 2020. The former wrestler and now actor has a real interest in politics and believes he would enjoy the position greatly.

Campaign Committee

A campaign committee for Dwayne Johnson has filed the necessary paperwork for the actor to run for the presidency in 2020.

A man called Kenton Tilford was behind the paperwork. According to The Independent, there are no known ties between Tilford and Johnson. However, the Federal Election Commission has stated that a campaign titled "Run The Rock" has been filed with them on Sunday, July 9.

Dwayne Johnson is now eligible to run for President during the next American election. There has been no comment from Johnson or his representatives as to whether this was something he planned for. However, Rolling Stone has stated that the former wrestler had nothing to do with the campaign or the paperwork. It could be the case that someone did this as a joke, or perhaps some of Johnson's fans believe he could be the next greatest president.

Johnson admitted he would run for the presidency

The confusion surrounding this is that Johnson has previously stated that he would like to pursue politics. In an interview with the magazine GQ, Dwayne openly said that he would run in the 2020 election. When the star appeared on Jimmy Fallon a couple of weeks ago the topic of the presidency was brought up again.

The star admitted on air that the idea was certainly interesting.

Johnson told Fallon that he could be a more relatable president for the public. According to Vanity Fair, the star stated he would not rule out his running. After a piece was published by the Washington Post about Johnson and the election, Dwayne Johnson took to Instagram to reply.

In the past, he explained that he cares deeply about his country and pointed out that the role of President would bring a lot of positive changes to the world. It is clear that Dwayne's interest is piqued.

Dwayne Johnson is a registered Independent. He has stated in the past that he feels politics needs less noise and more poise. It remains unclear as to whether he will take advantage of the campaign committee set up under his name. However, if he chooses to do so, the opportunity is there.