The “Sorry” singer Justin Bieber had a 360-turn from his old, carefree self to a devout, church-going Christian. Bieber had a Spiritual awakening three years ago. Since then, he regularly attends Hillsong Church pastored by Pastor Carl Lentz. Now he preaches or calls a pastor to come up on stage even in the middle of his concert. Lately, he had “Son of God” and “Jesus” image tattooed on his leg and body.

Justin Bieber said goodbye to his old self

The “Baby” singer’s transformation was not abrupt but gradually he shifted from a restless soul into someone who has peace and purpose.

Bieber used to headline punching or fighting somebody. He would get involved with different young women. The 21-year-old hitmaker did drugs and became lost. But now he speaks spiritual things.

When he won the Billboard Music Awards, he shared on Instagram that awards do not satisfy him. For him the true reward is fulfillment. He sees the superficiality and the lack of authenticity in awards.

Recently, he posted on Instagram a black and white video of him with his back on camera as reported by Hollywood Life. The background music is that of a woman and Bieber is singing along to a Hillsong song titled “Not Today”. Visible in the video is the sun and the singer is showing his moves. The video has more than 3.6 million views.

Justin Bieber no longer occupies headlines for doing troubles. But he preaches the gospel and is a changed young man now. He brings his pastor along in his concert tours. However, his church attendance and activities are being kept private according to Christian Post. Selena Gomez’ ex-boyfriend has finally found what he has been looking for – peace.

Justin Bieber's spiritual reborn

Justin Bieber’s spiritual awakening was dramatic. That was the day he realized that he has no one else to turn to but God. The young singer’s life has been chaotic and he cannot cope with the fast-paced fame. It happened at the home of his pastor. Judah Smith who became his friend accompanied him to Lentz home because during that time he was emotionally down.

The spiritual leader shared with him things about God and salvation.

Bieber fell on his knees and said that he needs Jesus in his life. He decided to undergo water baptism at that same moment. He was baptized in the house of Tyson Chandler in his bathtub. Christian water baptism is being done by immersing the person in water. From then on Justin Bieber was a changed man.