"Dunkirk" is the highly anticipated war movie directed by Christopher Nolan. The movie follows the story of the Dunkirk Evacuation during the Second World War. It follows the rescue of troops from a beach on Dunkirk as the soldiers of Nazi Germany approach. Tom Hardy takes on the role of a fighter pilot in "Dunkirk" and has been deeply praised for his skill. Nolan was very confident in his decision to cast Hardy as he has previously worked with the actor. Further casting includes Harry Styles, Kenneth Branagh, Cillian Murphy and Fionn Whitehead.

Nolan speaks very highly of Hardy

Christopher Nolan is the man behind the movie "Dunkirk". Tom Hardy starred in the film taking on the role of a Royal Air Force fighter pilot by the name of Farrier. Tom Hardy's character Farrier is the man in the air who has to try and protect the ships in the water. Hardy's face is obscured by a mask, the kind fighter pilots used to wear, but Nolan was confident that despite having a majority of his facial features covered, Hardy would be well up to the job as Farrier.

Nolan has previously worked as Tom Hardy's director in such films as "Inception" and perhaps more importantly in "Dark Knight Rises". Hardy also wore a mask in the Batman movie, and it was then that Nolan first experiences the actor's incredible talents.

According to the Daily Mail, Nolan stated that Hardy could act with just a flicker of the eye or a slight raise of his eyebrows. He stated that even though Hardy had a helmet, mask, and goggles that the actor pulled through as he always has.

'Dunkirk' could very well be up for an Oscar

The movie has been very highly received by critics and according to the Independent, it could very well be nominated for an Oscar.

Nolan does not shy away from the realities of war and this adds to the realistic portrayal of the battle of Dunkirk. He shows the reality of war as the 400,000 soldiers are picked off one by one by their enemies, the Nazi Germans.

The sound editing of the movie was very important during production as they worked to capture the sounds of the guns and bombs during the battle.

The sound track adds to the sense of tension and anxiety as the plot unfolds. The performances from the cast also add to the emotional depth in the movie especially as many young men were involved in "Dunkirk".

"Dunkirk" has already hit theaters in the UK and is due to be released tomorrow in the US. Fans of Hardy can look forward to another stellar performance as character Farrier.