Fans of the reality show "Counting On" have expressed their disgust after news of Josh Duggar possible appearance on the show surfaced. Reports that the eldest Duggar son will appear on the show to address everything he has done, that is, his cheating and molestation scandals.

Fans do not want Josh Duggar to appear on 'Counting On'

The Hollywood Gossip reported that a source has been spreading the news that Anna Duggar's husband will be in the next season of "Counting On." Fans are not yet ready to see him in Jessa Duggar-Seewald and Jill Duggar-Dillard's show.

It can be recalled that TLC stipulated in the contract between the network and the Duggars that Josh Duggar should not be featured or seen on the show.

Footages of his sisters' weddings were made carefully as not to include the disgraced son of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. He was the reason for the cancellation of the family's show "19 Kids and Counting" because of his molestation scandal and his adulterous act of becoming a member of the online cheating site called Ashley Madison.

In fact, his account in the online dating site is the subject of a case at present because he used another person's photo to register on the site. Matthew McCarthy sued Josh Duggar for an undisclosed amount of damages resulting from the illegal use of his photo.

Josh Duggar not going to apologize for molesting young girls

The above source also wrote that the father of four (soon to be five) was not sorry about his molestation because the devil made him do it. Fans want him to apologize on the show in case he is allowed to take part on the show. Until he humbles down and says sorry for his indiscretions, fans want nothing about him on the show.

Josh Duggar has not returned to social media despite his active Facebook and Twitter accounts. But his wife Anna Duggar has activated her accounts and started posting again. The Inquisitr reported that Anna posted photos of her son Marcus' birthday celebration. Her post showing her youngest daughter Meredith had comments against her husband.

It only shows that fans have not forgiven Josh Duggar yet.

Anna is due to give birth soon to her fifth child which she and Josh consider as their baby from the ashes. The couple has rekindled their romance and move on from the shameful and painful past. Anna and her husband are building up their marriage again.

"Counting On" was renewed for another season. The new season will showcase Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth's wedding preparations, Jinger and Jeremy adjusting to new life as married couple and child births of Jessa and Jill.