In one of the most anticipated nights of the year for NBA fans around the world, Drake threw some shallow shade at Cleveland Cavaliers superstar, LeBron James. The NBA awards show was hosted by the superstar music artist on Monday, June 26th. Drake handed out the trophies for the winners of various regular season awards.

Oklahoma City’s very own, Russell Westbrook took home the coveted NBA MVP trophy. Draymond Green took home Defensive Player Of The Year honors, Giannis Antetokounmpo was the NBA’s Most Improved Player, Eric Gordon’s bench prowess for the Rockets paid off with the 6th Man Of The Year award.

Milwaukee Bucks youngster, Malcolm Brogdon opened some eyes as he won the Rookie Of The Year trophy. On the non-player side of things, Mike D’Antoni won the Coach Of The Year award for his leadership of the Houston Rockets and Warriors executive, Bob Myers won the Executive Of The Year award.

LeBron’s hair was roasted once again

Before Drake called out the finalists, and winners for each NBA award, he decided to show off his sense of humor with an assortment of jokes aimed at some of the NBA’s biggest stars. Not only did he diss Golden State Warriors’ superstar Draymond Green’s kicking antics and unsuccessful podcast, but he also threw shade at LeBron James and his hairline. One of the oldest jokes in the book is LeBron’s hairline, and Drake emphasized that in his attempt at stand-up comedy.

Drake wanted to start the show with an engaged audience, even though he did it at the expense of players who were in the running for the awards he would later hand out.

Drake and LeBron are friends in the end

Although there are many times where it seems that hip-hop artist Drake and NBA superstar LeBron James are not close friends, in this case, for example, there is no doubt that they share a close brotherhood.

Drake has mentioned King James in his song lyrics on many occasions, even dedicating the song "Forever" to the kid from Akron.

Their rivalry is mostly due to Drake’s connection with the country of Canada and the support he shows to the Toronto Raptors. Every year when the Raptors make the playoffs, Drake goes to all the games and supports the team 100 percent, but it seems that each and every year, LeBron James and his Cleveland Cavaliers team decides to kick the Raptors out of the playoffs. Usually, there is some trash talk thrown around between the two celebrity icons during the playoff series, but it is always nothing but love afterward.