"Bachelor" host, Chris Harrison, offered a little bit information on who's going to be the next "Bachelor" in 2018. While he's withholds just enough back to make us wonder like crazy who's next to find love, he does dole out at least one small clue about where the next guy is coming from.

Does ABC have anyone in mind?

In talking with Entertainment Tonight, Chris Harrison concedes that Rachel Lindsay's top four finalists -- Brian, Peter, Dean, and Eric -- are "great candidates" to be the next "Bachelor." The only thing is, ABC hasn't decided on a lead yet.

As it currently stands, no "Bachelor" is chosen.

If you think the pick will happen by the time "After the Final Rose" airs, forget it. None of us will find out who the next guy is going to be to find his soul mate until after "Bachelor in Paradise" airs. Considering what unfolded last season of "BiP" and the whole saga involving Luke Pell losing the gig to Nick Viall at the last minute, the producers want to weigh what fans think later on. It could be one of the men on "BiP" will suddenly win over fans and he'll become the next "Bachelor" for 2018.

Harrison explains that this season of "The Bachelorette" and season 4 of "BiP" will have to "run its course" before the new "Bachelor" is revealed.

As he reminded fans, Nick Viall came out of nowhere, but fans apparently let them know they liked what they saw of him in season 3 of "BiP." Harrison admits they didn't see Viall becoming a fan favorite, but they learned a big "lesson" from that experience and will go the same route this year.

One small clue

Harrison said as soon as he knows who's picked, the fans will be in on it.

Filming for "The Bachelor" won't begin until October, so there's plenty of time between now and then. Fans are eager to know who's next, but Harrison reason that they don't want to "jump the gun" on picking someone. Fans will just have to be patient!

What clue did Harrison give over who might possibly be picked? He shares that it's "more likely" one of the contestants from Rachel's season since it's typically the way it works.

Among some of the other men from Rachel's season being speculated to be the next "Bachelor" are Kenny King, Diggy Moreland, and Adam Gottschalk. They're rumored to be on the cast of "Bachelor in Paradise" along with Dean Unglert. Dean has already stated that he's not ready to be "The Bachelor" at this time due to where he's at emotionally. He hasn't ruled out the idea of accepting such an offer, but not right now.

Kenny says being the next "Bachelor" is something he'll talk more about if he crosses that bridge.

Who would you like to see as "The Bachelor" 2018 lead?