On Friday's episode of "The Young and the Restless" Dina Mergeron told her children Jack and Ashley that she had revised her will. She has decided to leave the bulk of her estate to her companion, Graham Bloodworth. Jack was so outraged that Graham decided to step outside the office to give Dina a chance to talk to her son and daughter. Unknown to Ms. Mergeron there was trouble on the other side of the door by the name of Gloria.

Gloria has an agenda

As Jack and Ashley are having a heated discussion with their mom. Gloria is setting her sights on Graham.

She tells him there is a problem with her computer so he steps over to her desk and fixes it for her. As Graham stands behind Gloria she comments on how enticing his cologne is. He tells her it is DARE by Brash and Sassy. As the two are enjoying their intimate moment Dina emerges from her son's office with Jack and Tracy close behind.

Ms. Mergeron glances at the situation then asks Graham if he is finished and tells him it's time to go. After the office is clear, Jack tells Gloria that Graham will inherit the bulk of his mother's estate, Gloria's eyes light up and you can tell her wheels are spinning. Gloria enjoys a challenge and loves money. If she can get a handsome man to sweeten the deal, this is right up her alley,

Dina Mergeron may have a dilemma

Dina admitted to Jack that her relationship with Graham is not romantic and told Ashey she had an arrangement with Mr.

Bloodworth. Dina also made it clear to her children that they must accept her decision to reward Graham for his loyalty. What Ms. Mergeron never counted on was her companion falling for another woman. She once asked him about Ashey when she saw them spending time together, pointing out how attractive her daughter is. Graham assured Dina that he is completely devoted to her but that was before he met Gloria in the Athletic Club sauna.

Jack has made it clear that whatever he and his former stepmother had is in the past. He even went so far as to ask Gloria to seduce Graham and bring him information. She told him that if she pursued Graham it would be for her own reasons. And now, Jack has given Gloria millions of reasons to be interested in his mother's companion.

It is entirely possible that Graham will fall under her spell and begin to neglect Dina.

It's possible that Jack dropped that little tidbit in Gloria's ear because he knew it would motivate her to pursue Graham. Jack may be hoping his mother will cut her companion out of her will and out of her life. Fans of "The Young and the Restless" are in for an intriguing summer with Dina and Gloria as possible rivals for Mr. Bloodworth's attention.