On "The Young and the Restless" Cane Ashby's world has been turned upside down and spoiler alerts indicate that it is only going to get worse. By the end of the coming week Cane will suffer losses both personally and professionally. It's possible he may lose Lily and his job at "Brash and Sassy."

All Cane had to do was tell the truth

Cane could have avoided all the drama if he had simply told his wife the truth. Lily has cheated on her spouse in the past and he forgave her. She more than likely would have forgiven his indiscretion in Tokyo if he had admitted it in the beginning. Instead, Cane has spent months trying to cover his tracks and keep Juliet quiet about their one-night stand.

Fear of losing his family caused him to hide his secret. And now he may lose them anyway.

Because he did not give full disclosure, "Brash and Sassy" was put in a difficult situation. Cane's boss, like his wife and attorney, asked him over and over to please tell the whole truth and leave nothing out. Had Mr. Ashby said he was too drunk to remember what happened and only had Juliet's word to go on things might be better for him. Now Juliet says she is pregnant and Cane is the father. This is allegedly proof that the two of them had sex. Now Cane Ashby just looks like a liar and his marriage and job may be in jeopardy.

Cane is positioned to lose it all

Victoria has been frantic trying to figure out how to keep this scandal under wraps. She went out of her way to give Cane the benefit of the doubt.

Now her company is poised to pay out a large settlement to Juliet and Cane's job is most likely on the line. In addition to lying about the night in Japan Cane is hiding another secret. He wanted Victoria to see Billy as a loser so Cane set his stepbrother up to fail. Unfortunately, it was Juliet and not Billy who was fired. And that is why she is suing Cane and "Brash and Sassy.

" Spoiler alerts hint that there is more to this story but gave no indication what it is.

Cane is poised for Lily to put him out of the house and Victoria to fire him. It would be ironic if he lost his wife and his job and it turns out Juliet set him up. On Friday Victoria decided to settle the lawsuit. She told Cane there was no way a judge or jury would believe a word out of his mouth at this point.

Later Juliet told Hilary that the lawsuit had been settled and financial woes were over. It would be ironic if it turned out that Juliet had set Cane up and cost him everything. Especially since this is what he was trying to do to Billy.

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