Fans couldn’t wait to see the episodes for Jane the VirginSeason 4 as its storyline gets more intense than the usual. Viewers are hoping to witness a smile from Jane this time, as tragedies became evident in her life for the past installments. However, it seems like those smiles would be delayed as Darci enters the life of the Villanuevas. It was reported that the former will bring pain to Jane’s family that would test the personality of the show’s main character. How would Jane handle Darci?

Darci showed her baby bump to Jane, what happened next?

The finale episode for “Jane The Virgin” Season 3 shocked everyone as the matchmaker revealed her pregnancy with Rogelio’s baby.

It was remembered that the two ended up with an arrangement as Darci volunteers to be the suitable woman to carry the latter’s child. The characters decided to keep things as private as possible but complications became inevitable as time passed by.

Jane, with no idea what’s going to happen, was surprised to see Darci’s baby bump. Not just that, the former was also shocked when Darci approached her and admitted that the baby was her sibling. On the other hand, Rogelio and Xo decided to continue their wedding despite the unpleasant revelation of the matchmaker.

The show’s executive producer, Jennie Snyder Urman, revealed that the said scenario was a foreshadow of what’s really happening to the newlyweds of today. As Urman explained, marriage is not easy and sometimes does not promote a fairytale ending.

However, if one is fully committed to the other, their marriage life would definitely endure the test of time.

Will Rogelio and Xo have marriage failure?

Some believed that Xo will be tired of seeing Darci getting her way in their married life and will eventually give up on Rogelio. Some also think that divorce will be evident this season. However, Jane will do everything that she can to protect her mother from all the pain and destruction along the way.

Spoilers suggest that Darci and Jane would have their own fight as the latter defends her mother.

Make sure to not miss out on “Jane the Virgin” Season 4, which would air on October 13 only on the CW.

Justine Baldoni on his new talk show

Meanwhile, Justin Baldoni, one of the show’s main character, is developing a male talk show that would explain what it really means to be a man.

The said show is determined to redefine some of the failed mindsets in the aspect of fitness, masculinity, marriage, and even female empowerment. Hot topics and intimate conversations are expected to be discussed during the first run of the show.

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