"Days" fans are beginning to get an entirely different vibe from their favorite NBC daytime soap with new head writer Ron Carlivati in charge. Two weeks into Carlivati's scripts and fans are finding themselves thirsting for more. Carlivati promised viewers that they would fall in love with the direction he was taking the soap, and so far so good. That being said, here are a few things fans can look forward to in the future.

Belle and Shawn come home, what will they find?

Shawn And Belle Brady will be returning to Salem this year. Martha Madison, who plays Belle and Brandon Beemer (Shawn) confirmed to fans via Twitter their excitement to be "coming home."

“It’s good to be home,” Madison tweeted about the news once it broke.

And Beemer took to Twitter himself to promote the new changes at DAYS, though he didn’t let on that he would be back.

“Make sure you watch!” he posted. “There’s a lot more good stuff coming!”

Things are getting very interesting in Salem

Shawn and Belle were last spotted in Salem in 2015 during the soap's 50th-anniversary celebration. Their stay was a short one and ended with them saying their goodbyes to their family as they headed off to Hong Kong.

It has been a while since Shawn and Belle have seen their families. Their return could tie in with a few storyline plots that are beginning to develop as we head into the final months of 2017. As we already know, Belle's mom Marlena is in danger. Hattie has some evil revenge plans in store for Marlena.

At this time there is an elaborate scheme being concocted by Hattie and Bonnie to remove Adrienne and Marlena from Salem and switch places with their doppelgangers.

Shawn and Belle may find themselves returning to find Marlena is not quite herself and getting involved in finding out the reason behind her out-of-character behavior.

Then again, they could be arriving home to celebrate Hope and Rafe's wedding. Reminder, all "Days" fans are well aware that no wedding ever goes off smoothly in Salem, so we can expect to see something major go down during the celebration.

Then we have Claire, Shawn and Belle's daughter. Things have not been easy for her since her parents left, and it doesn't look like they will be getting any better in the near future.

It may be we have another Sami in training here.

As previously reported, Sami Brady will also be heading back to Salem. Sami's return will also correspond with the return of Sami's son Will Horton. Will, who was killed by the "necktie" killer Ben Weston, will somehow be returning from the dead. This should be either a very interesting story, or one that will make no sense at all. Time will tell how this situation will be handled.

We can also expect to see Ben Weston again. Just as Chad and Abigail find their way back to each other, Ben returns to reek havoc in Abigail's life once again. Poor Abigail. Is she ever going to be happy and drama free? Abigail is involved with some pretty shady characters, and she always has been.

Has she not learned anything from her family members about dealing with the DiMera family?

It looks as if "Days Of Our Lives" is going to be one wild ride throughout the summer and fall. You are going to want to make sure you don't miss one exciting minute of it!

"Days of Our Lives" airs weekdays on NBC.