Jana Duggar is the oldest Duggar daughter but remains single along with her twin John-David Duggar. Both are still waiting for the “right one.” The 27-year-old daughter of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar is a major player in the Duggar household. She was called the “Cinderella” of the family because she does most of the work inside the huge Duggar Family home.

Jana Duggar has an important role in her family

On the Duggar family website, Jana’s scrapbook details reveal that she takes care of the family’s emails, meals and takes charge of the kitchen. She sometimes babysits for her married sisters’ children and her very young siblings.

But Jana is not complaining about her role in the family. According to IB Times, she revealed that when her day is bleak or discouraging, she always tries to find someone to bless or serve. Serving everyone in the family will surely make Jana’s day full and will have no time to dwell on negative emotions.

When asked about her marriage plans, she said that she is not in a hurry to enter into a courtship. She revealed that there are guys hovering around her but she has not found the right one. She is not in a hurry to date the first to approach her. Jana revealed that her ideal man must have dirt under his nails.

Although she finds herself feeling left out when her married sisters spend time with their respective families, she maintains a high standard when choosing her future husband.

Jana and her twin are the second eldest in the family after Josh Duggar. Both are single with John David trying to develop a career. He works in the local police department and also flies planes.

Jana Duggar's life revolves around her family

Jana Duggar’s scrapbook details have no entry in the “future plans” portion. The lovely Duggar daughter seems not to mind staying at home with her parents and younger siblings.

She has no future plans in mind except helping her mom run the household. When her parents left for Hawaii on their wedding anniversary, it follows that Jana has the sole responsibility of running the home in her parents’ absence. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar celebrated their 33rd wedding anniversary according to Inquisitr.

Jana has been linked to good guys that share the same faith as her family.

Tim Tebow, Jonathan Hartono, and family friend Lawson Bates were some of the guys linked to her but Jana denied dating any of them.

For the mean time, Jana Duggar is content with her life. At 27, she said that she is taking her own sweet time and believes that God has someone reserved for her to be her life partner.