"Days Of Our Lives" spoilers reveal that Chad DiMera will be furious when he sees his ex-wife, Abigail Deveraux marrying Dario Hernandez in a quickie ceremony at Club TBD this week. Chad, who is obviously still in love with Abigail, will be shocked to see the couple tying the knot by themselves, without any friends or family present for the wedding.

Of course, now that Chad is there he can serve as a witness, and he'll soon be joined by Gabi, and they'll watch the pair say their vows. In addition to his surprise, Chad will also be hurt and mad that Abigail is going through with the wedding, and he'll have plenty to say to Dario about joining the Deveraux family.

'DOOL' viewers will see Chad's angry side come out after Dario and Abby's wedding

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Chad and Dario will share some heated words after the marriage ceremony. Chad will tell Dario not to get too comfortable being Thomas' step-father because Chad is not about to let anyone play daddy to his son, especially while he's around.

However, what Chad doesn't know is that Abigail does not love Dario, and she does not want to be his wife. "Days of our Lives" viewers know that Abigail is only marrying Dario because she believes that he'll be deported otherwise. Dario has also told her that if he returns to Mexico, there is a drug lord that will be waiting there to take him out.

Meanwhile, the murder mystery surrounding who killed Deimos Kiriakis is still raging. Everyone who attended the party at Martin House, where Deimos drugged the guests and was later found stabbed to death, is a suspect. However, Abigail's brother, JJ Deveraux is the main suspect. Deimos' DNA was found on JJ's body, and now he's being arrested and officially charged with murder.

While JJ doesn't remember killing Deimos, another "Days of our Lives" character might.

Who killed Deimos Kiriakis?

Sonny Kiriakis is currently struggling with some flashes of memory of he and Deimos struggling during the party. Sonny also remembered standing over Deimos' dead body, and now he is terrified that he may have been the one who murdered Deimos.

Will Sonny let JJ take the fall for a murder that he may have committed, or will Sonny tell the Salem PD about what he remembers? While Sonny is a real possible suspect in the murder, many "Days of our Lives" fans believe that the murderer is likely someone else that fans aren't expecting to be revealed as the killer.