"Days Of Our Lives" spoilers reveal that Lani and JJ's relationship could be in real trouble as the weeks move on in Salem. As many fans watched this week, Deimos Kiriakis drugged the people at a recent party thrown by Eli to celebrate the plane crash survivors safe return home. During the party, the drugged up Salem citizens found themselves in all kinds of compromising positions. Abigail and Chad hallucinated about renewing their vows together, Rafe proposed marriage to Hope, Eric and Nicole saw Daniel's ghost, and Gabi and JJ got very handsy with one another.

Meanwhile, Lani and Eli also got a bit too close. However, the most shocking moment came when Gabi found Demios' dead body as one member of the party group had stabbed him in the chest and killed him.

Will JJ go down for murder?

However, Lani and JJ's PDA with Gabi and Eli won't be the thing that could possibly end their relationship. "Days of our Lives" spoilers reveal that Lani's memories, and that fact that she's spilling them to the Salem police department, could cause JJ to be charged with the murder of Deimos Kiriakis. JJ could find himself in serious trouble following the murder, and he's already got a few strikes against him. In addition to Gabi claiming that she may remember JJ and Deimos' struggling, JJ also said out loud and clear that if he found Deimos he would kill him.

When the effects of the drugs wore off, police were called and JJ was found to have blood on his shirt, which likely belongs to the youngest Kiriakis brother.

Which 'DOOL' character killed Deimos?

However, if JJ is the main suspect, it is unlikely that he is the one who actually killed Deimos. "Days of our Lives" fans know that the soap often likes to shock viewers with their big reveals, especially during murder storylines.

Most recently, Hope Brady shot and killed Stefano DiMera and Gabi Hernandez killed her former lover, Nick Fallon. Both women served jail time for their sins, and are now suspects in yet another murder case. However, many fans believe that Sonny may have actually been the one to end Deimos' life. Sonny and Deimos have been battling for weeks now, and nobody hated Deimos like Sonny did.

Fans also saw the two tussle in a recent episode.

Hot new storylines ahead for the soap opera

Meanwhile, in addition to the "Days of our Lives'" new murder mystery plot, the NBC soap opera is set to really heat up as new head writer Ron Carlivati takes over. "DOOL" fans already know that Chandler Massey is reprising his role as Will Horton and that Alison Sweeney will be back as Sami Brady for a 2-month stint, but it seems that even more surprises may be in store.