"Days Of Our Lives" spoilers for the upcoming episodes reveal that Sonny Kiriakis is going to find himself is some big trouble. Justin and Adrienne's son will be seen behind bars as the mystery of who killed Deimos Kiriakis continues. According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, everyone who got drugged by Deimos at the Martin House party will be struggling to remember the events that occurred that night. Many Salem citizens did things that they are not proud of, including cheating on their significant others with some passionate kisses and PDA. However, one "DOOL" party goer is guilty of much worse than a stolen kiss.

Someone murdered Deimos, but who?

Who killed Deimos?

The report claims that as the days go by, Sonny will begin to have memories from the night of the party, and wonder if he could have been the one to kill Deimos. As many "Days of our Lives" fans know, Sonny and Deimos had a lot of bad blood and a long history of altercations. These facts alone are enough to make Sonny a main suspect in the murder. However, some fans believe that Sonny may be an easy target to blame, and the real killer will be someone unexpected.

Is JJ to blame?

Currently, JJ Deveraux in the main suspect by the Salem PD. JJ did say out loud that he would kill Deimos if he found him at the party, and he was also found with blood on his shirt after Deimos' dead body was discovered by Gabi.

However, JJ being probed by police will make it hard for Sonny to ignore his own memories. The report reveals that "Days of our Lives" fans will see Sonny remember looking at the knife that killed Deimos close up and remember seeing it drip with Deimos' blood. These are some pretty incriminating flashbacks for Sonny, who will share his memories with his boyfriend, Paul Narita.

However, the two will decide that Sonny should keep quiet about his memories for the time being, but would Sonny really let JJ take the blame for a murder that he may have committed?

Paul to the rescue?

Meanwhile, if Sonny does decide to spill what he remembers, "Days of our Lives" fans could see him be the next person to be arrested by the Salem police department.

Sonny may be guilty of hating Deimos, but could he really commit murder? If Sonny finds himself behind bars, this would be a perfect opportunity for Paul to dig deeper into the investigation and find some piece of evidence that will clear Sonny's name. If Paul can save Sonny from life in prison, he'll be a hero, and the couple's bond will only get stronger.