Mariah Carey just celebrated the annual 4Th Of July celebration in a very non-traditional way. Just recently, the singer took her twins to swimming in a private island with good numbers of sharks. On Independence Day, Carey took to her Instagram page and posted some of the photos and videos of their family adventure together.

She posted a video of her twins, Moroccan and Monroe, who went swimming with the gentle sharks. Bryan Tanaka, one of her backup dancers, also shared a video of him while doing the same thing on the 4th of July.

Harmless nurse sharks

A report from E! News shared that Carey, together with her twins, Morocco and Monroe, enjoyed their Independence Day celebration together with the nurse sharks.

While everyone was afraid of their kind of adventure, it is believed that nurse sharks are harmless to humans. Most of the time, these types of sharks are considered as bottom-dwellers which are usually found in the warm and shallow waters.

Nurse sharks mainly eat almost like their kind; small fishes, shrimps, and squids. Hence, nothing has to worry about the safety of the twins while swimming. Carey also took to Instagram while adding a caption, "Shark day with #dembabies." She also added that those sharks were all gentle and harmless.

Unzipped wetsuit

Carey's Independence Day celebration together with the twins was made more alluring when she was spotted wearing her unzipped wetsuit while showing off her cleavage.

Without a doubt, Carey is one hot sexy momma of the twins.

She also posted one of her photos online while petting with one of the sharks. Another video of Monroe was also shared on her Instagram while snorkeling in the shallow and warm water together with the nurse sharks.

Indeed, the diva has just broken the old-fashioned celebration during the 4th of July. She believed that she can still celebrate the special holiday in a more adventurous manner.

The 47-year old diva was also never bothered of her suit while swimming. Her skin-tight wetsuit gave her followers a generous view of her sexy cleavage while wearing a cap on her blond hair.

Meanwhile, her twins, whom she shared with former husband Nick Cannon, also wore their wetsuits, vests, and snorkeling gear while swimming. Carey and her twins were also joined by her rumored boyfriend, Tanaka, on their 4th of July adventure.

It is also believed that the private island is located somewhere in Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park. And it is one of the best locations were harmless sharks are found.

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