Over the years, the public has kept an eye on Taylor Swift whenever the annual celebration of the 4Th Of July happened. She usually had the best of celebrations at her multi-million house situated at the beachfront of Rhode Island Estate. However, it seems that the brunette singer finally breaks the tradition when everyone noticed that no house party was made on her mansion.

For the past three years, the young singer has hosted a massive celebration during the fourth of July. She even spent her all-day parties together with her friends like Gigi Hadid, Karlie Kloss, and Cara Delevigne. However, a lot has been disappointed when everyone was silent over the said special holiday.

Fourth of July house party

For the past few months, Swift has chosen to stay away from the public eye. She wanted to live a low-profile life while at the same time, making up her relationship with Joe Alwyn.

A report from E! News also shared that last year, the brunette singer had her house party on the 4th of July. She even shared some of her pictures online.

However, most of her followers were surprised when the singer broke the tradition of the celebration. To recall, her last house party was attended by her then-boyfriend. Tom Hiddleston. Both were seen in an intimate PDA back then.

However, as her relationship with Hiddleston ended, she started dating her fellow British actor, Alwyn. Both have stayed away from the press and had chosen to keep their relationship low-key.

Independence Day bash

Most of the people in the United States celebrated the annual Independence Day with lots of foods and colors. Hence, fans had also hoped for Swift to do the same celebration that she used to do every year.

A lot were lurking at her mansion and hoped that Swift would come out with her celebration. Nevertheless, a report from E! News also shared that Swift's parents, Scott and Andrea, were still spotted in the town recently for the annual celebration.

Right now, the brunette singer has kept herself mum over the news. It has been believed that she has been doing her own thing together with her rumored partner, Alwyn.

Despite her hiatus, it is also believed that the popular singer is currently working on her new track while spending more time with her family and friends.

A source also told E!

News that Swift is trying to live a simple life and won't let allow the press to take control over her life again just like what happened with her previous relationship. Without a doubt, her previous experiences have greatly affected her.

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