Ever since Danielle Bregoli appeared on the "Dr. Phil Show' in October 2016 and challenged the studio audience with her now-famous tagline "cash me outside, how bow dah?" the now-14-year-old girl has become an internet sensation. Despite a ton of criticism over her horrible attitude and even worse language, Danielle has managed to continue gaining popularity, so much so, that now she is on track to be a kid millionaire complete with her own Reality Tv Show and a security team.

Danielle Bregoli cashes in with reality TV

Danielle Bregoli's rise to fame started with the "Dr.

Phil Show." Ever since her appearance, Bregoli's social media has been growing like a southern California wildfire and she now has 8.5 million Instagram followers and another 1.5 million on Facebook. Pretty soon, Danielle will also be lining her pockets with a net worth of more than $1 million because of all the attention after her appearance.

The sad part about Danielle Bregoli's extended 15 minutes of fame is that when she appeared on the "Dr. Phil Show," it was reported that she was a real menace. There were more then 50 police calls to her home in just one year and Danielle was accused of fighting with knives, stealing cars, and even twerking on camera.

Now there are reports that we'll get to see even more of the "Cash Me Outside" girl Danielle Bregoli because she's signed on to star in her very on reality TV show.

According to Bregoli's management team (yes, she has a management team) there were at least seven different production companies interested in filming a reality show based on Danielle Bregoli's relationship with her mother Barbara Ann. Danielle reportedly signed on with a "major TV production company" and pretty soon, she'll be gracing television sets everywhere on a weekly basis.

'Cash Me Outside' with a security team

In addition to a brand new reality show, Danielle Bregoli is also now so famous (infamous?) that she has her own security team. Recently, the "Cash Me Outside" girl visited the Aventura Mall flanked by big, muscley men who now make up her security staff. It looks like the "Bhadbabie" isn't so bad after all and needs some pretty hefty looking men to keep fans and non-fans alike from bothering her while she shops.

Based on the amount of attention that Danielle Bregoli has been getting since her infamous "Dr. Phil Show' appearance, It's easy to see why she has been offered reality TV. Even though she's proven herself a menace to society and her mom, Barbara Ann, really isn't any better, Daniielle Bregoli is currently a hot commodity and even thoe most disapproving will surely tune in to see what kind of antics she gts into next.