Justice League” is still months away but details about the movie have started pouring in. In the most recent development, photos from the sets of the film have come to the light and they hint at the shooting taking place at locations in different parts of the UK, which involve characters like the Flash, Batman and Aquaman. Also, a new Box Art has emerged on Reddit that brings forth Batman in his new costume.

On set photos reveal UK shooting locations

Justice League” fans are waiting eagerly for the DC comic book movie to arrive in theaters and now on-set photos from the shooting locations of the film have come to the light, creating more excitement among fans.

According to reports, one photo taken in New Cardington shows a building with a sign that says “Lakeview Apartments” and it is speculated that the Flash would be residing here.

Sources say that the film is likely to shoot at Southhill Estate and Southhill Lake and Woods.The former is located in the center of Bedfordshire and houses a big manor. Ever since this has been revealed, fans are wondering if it belongs to Bruce Wayne. What has made the speculations stronger is that Ben Affleck was spotted at the location some time back. As for Southhill Lake and Woods, it is rumored that filming has been taking place near the water-front making fans wonder if scenes involving Aquaman are being reshot.

Batman photo on Reddit creates buzz

In the meantime, a box art form picture of Batman has come up on Reddit that is sure to delight the fans of “Caper Crusader.” It is a close-up shot of the superhero in his costume and is published on the side of the packaging of Batman. It brings into focus his high-tech suit and the bat logo.

It is clear from the picture that the producers want to highlight the action figure as he would be seen as in the film.

Notably, the promotions for “Justice League” are in full swing and the recent Comic-Con saw the makers unveiling the new trailer and some more toys. The latter made their first appearance on the official website of “Justice League” and toy manufacturer Mattel announced that it has gotten the rights to sell the action heroes of the universe.

It was also made clear that Cyborg, Wonder Woman, and Superman would have their own articulated figures. Last but not the least, Mattel will launch The Elite-Tek Batmobile, which is loaded with sound and lights and the owners can remote control it through a mobile app.