Tinder is a modern day dating app used by millions of people around the world. It has become the quick and easy way to find dates, relationships, and the casual hook up. The app has changed the way that people interact in the today’s world. Recently it has come to the company’s attention that a Couple has been messaging each other on their app for the past three years as an ongoing joke. The company saw an opportunity to bring the couple together. They organized for the couple to meet and Michelle and Josh ended up on live television. Their story has captured the attention of thousands around the world.

The Tinder couple who have never before met

According to CNet, Michelle Arendes and Josh Avsec began messaging each other on the dating app Tinder about three years ago. They began what would become a three-year long back-and-forth, often consisting of joke excuses as to why they were taking so long to reply. In some cases, one of the pairs would go months without messaging the other back. It is clear that the banter between the pair was simply for a bit of fun. One can assume that they never thought that they would ever meet in Real Life.

This Tinder story came to the attention of the public when Josh tweeted some of his and Michelle’s conversations. His tweet gained not only the attention of Twitter users but also the attention of the Tinder Company.

The company then decided to get in contact with the pair, as they wanted to hear more about their story. Tinder also saw this as an amazing marketing opportunity and decided to set the pair up on a real life date.

The couple meet on live television

The couple was contacted and they both agreed to give the real life meet up a try.

After all, they had been messaging each other for three years. According to the Telegraph, the couple finally met on live television on "Good Morning America." Initially, they were kept separated by a wall and they were each interviewed separately. It turns out that the pair had more in common than they realized.

The pair finally cast their eyes on each other for the first time ever in real life.

They hugged awkwardly and exchanged a bit of banter. Josh stated that it was great to finally meet Michelle. The man was blushing as he talked to his Tinder pal of three years. There was no confirmation as to whether or not the couple has had significant relationships in the past three years. Of course, it is entirely possible that they are dating someone right now and received their blessing to appear on the show.