"Wonder Woman," the first movie about the most famous of the DC Comics superheroes, was released earlier this year. The comic book adaptation was about the character of Diana of Themyscira, and the film told her back story and how she came to America. The movie starred actress Gal Gadot as the female superhero.

The movie outperformed the filmmakers' expectations at the box office, currently sitting at $390 million domestically. Recently, a sequel tentatively titled "Wonder Woman 2" has been announced with a Release Date for the movie set to hit theaters on December 13, 2019.

However, fans will get to see Gal Gadot reprising the role of the superhero in the upcoming movie "Justice League" movie. That should keep excited fans tided over until the sequel to "Wonder Woman" arrives.

The official release date

The first movie was a massive box-office hit and it is no surprise that a sequel will be coming fan's way. According to E!, the release date for "Wonder Woman 2" has been confirmed to be December 13, 2019. The movie is not yet in production but it has been confirmed that Gal Gadot will be reprising her role as the female superhero. Director Patty Jenkins is also set to return to direct the sequel.

Fans have been going wild since the announcement of "Wonder Woman 2." Many have taken to social media to express their excitement at getting another movie featuring the female superhero.

Fans have also been posting their excitement on Twitter, including posting gifs and photos of the fearless superhero. One fan has even posted a countdown to the exact date and time of the movie, which has already begun to tick downwards.

'Justice League' to feature the superhero

While fans will have to wait nearly two years to see "Wonder Woman 2," they can rest assured that Gal Gadot will be returning to the big screen sooner than her the sequel.

The star is set to reprise her role of Wonder Woman in the upcoming movie "Justice League."

There is another movie entitled "Flashpoint" that will focus on the comic book hero of the Flash. If the movie is based on the same thing as the comic of the same name, "Flashpoint" could transport Flash to an alternate timeline where Wonder Woman and Aquaman are at war against one another.

While it has not yet been confirmed, this could mean that Gal Gadot could be included in this movie as well.

The news of "Wonder Woman 2" has taken the world by storm. Fans of the superhero can not wait until 2019 rolls around so they can see their favorite member of the "Justice League" back in action once more.