Everyone saw Russ get upset on "90 Day Fiance" before when his wife Paola did a topless Photo Shoot. She didn't show it all off, but it was enough to make her husband mad. It turns out that this week on "90 Day Fiance" she is going to make him mad once again when it is time for her to get new photos for her portfolio.

What is Russ upset about now?

The new preview from Fox News shows that Russ is upset once again about what is going on. Russ admits that he knows that the modeling industry in Miami is very sexy, so that is something he does understand.

He also wants his wife to remember that they are married and that she should consider his thoughts when it comes to sexy photo shoots.

Russ is going to go along with her to her photo shoot, and Paola shares her thoughts on it. She says, "I think Russ wants to come with me because he wants to know what's actually happening and I don't know, it's more about control." She isn't very happy with him wanting to be there from what it sounds like. Russ actually says, "I feel like there's a lot of thresholds that are being crossed right now."

What is going on with her modeling career?

Paolo made a huge move to Miami so that she could work on her modeling career. Her husband Russ has now followed her out there from Oklahoma, but she isn't getting any jobs in the modeling industry right now.

Just last week, she found out that her agent hasn't even been getting her lined up for jobs like she expected. Her name wasn't in the database. Paola is giving her another chance, but for now, it doesn't look like things are going great. It was obvious that Russ wasn't happy about what was going on at all and now that he is in Florida with her maybe they can get it all figured out.

If you follow Paolo on social networks, she actually has a new job now. She may still be doing some modeling, but she actually got certified so that she could work as a personal trainer. She just finished all of this, and it looks like she will be doing that as a job instead. Paola may decide to do both, but she seems to have realized that modeling isn't going to pay all of her bills.

Do you think that Paola is doing the right thing for her job? Do you feel like Russ needs to let her just take what photos she needs? Sound off in the comments section below, and don't miss the new episodes of "90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After" on Sunday nights on TLC. This week you will get to see the new photo shoot that Paolo does and what Russ has to say about it all.