Anyone would think christie brinkley has a charmed life. The supermodel still has the killer looks and form that still keep her a cover favorite at 63. Just last year, the supermodel shared cover honors with daughters Alexa Ray Joel and Sailor Brinkley Cook, and no one could see the age span between mother and daughters showing. With her schedule booked with professional engagements, and a bankable worth still in double-digit millions, Christie Brinkley doesn’t need any help with financial means, but she would still like to meet a “nice” man. That category of companionship seems a truly rare commodity, unlike the uninvited guests from the insect kingdom that swarmed Christie Brinkley’s Hamptons soirée.

Doting mom still deciding seeking

Christie Brinkley is ever a doting mom to her three gorgeous adult children and gushes about their love lives. She completely approves of Alexa Ray’s relationship with restauranteur, Ryan Gleason. “Nicest guy, a real sweetheart, ” Christie says of her daughter’s beau. She has a mother's intuition when it comes to knowing that relationship is on solid ground.

“He just gets her,” the mom relates. She notes the manner he has to look at her “in that special way. It's sweet.” Being the girl in demand for decades, and even the boss and executive brand marketer for her own wine doesn't solve dating issues for Christie Brinkley. When she was asked if she needed any relationship guidance recently, her only question referred to “where to meet a nice guy.”

Despite her ugly split from last husband, Peter Cook, who put ugly courtroom behavior into a whole new category, Christie Brinkley has a long record of lasting relationships, and split from singer-songwriter, John Mellencamp last August after a year of dating.

She has been “loving” her summer but admits that her engagements, of the professional kind, keep her “too busy”. But anything can be adjusted to “slow it down” if that right person entered her picture.

Swarming the party

Speaking of pictures, Christie hosted a cover photo bash for Social Life magazine at St Barth, Hamptons. There were 700 guests in attendance, and the party was crashed by an untold number of uninvited creatures—mosquitoes to be specific.

It was reported that “everyone was eaten up alive” by the mass of bugs in the tent and that there was not enough space for those assembled.

The magazine contests that perspective. In a statement, Social Life claimed to be “fully prepared” for the number of guests. It was further stated that people had plenty of room to walk, dance, and catch time with Christie Brinkley, who posted the magazine photos along with photos of herself with son, Jack, and Alexa Ray.

The magazine described that Brinkley spent “ample time” posing for fan selfies along with the professional images.

No one can please everyone, but someone should be able to help Christie Brinkley get a suitable date, and please bring along the bug repellent.