Kylie Jenner has found herself getting a lot of attention in the media again. The "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" star's Snapchat was hacked a few days ago. The Hacker claimed to have Nude Pictures of the 19-year-old celebrity and was coaxing people to follow the account. A subsequent Instagram account by the same person was also set up claiming that they had explicit pictures of Jenner. However, the hacker has recently come forward and admitted that their claims were false. It appears that Kylie Jenner has faced the backlash of another scam.

It is not the first time that the celebrity had to deal with being used by the public in such a manner.

Kylie Jenner's hacked claims he has pictures of the celebrity

According to Metro, Kylie Jenner's snap chat account was hacked by an individual identified only by their screen name. This individual goes by the identity of chikri95. The celebrity found that her Snapchat account had been compromised when she went to log in a few days ago. The hacker took over the celebrities account and claimed to have explicit pictures of Jenner. Chikri95 posted out a message addressing the celebrities large following. The individual stated that they should follow this account if they wanted to see Kylie's explicit pictures.

Not only was the celebrity's Snapchat account hacked but an Instagram account has also appeared claiming the same thing. This Instagram account is linked to the hacker and it shares the same name. The hacker posted online on this social media outlet stating once more that they had pictures of Kylie.

However, since Jenner retweeted the statement the hacker has come forward.

The individual claimed that everything was a scam and that they were never in possession of the explicit pictures of the celebrity. They stated that they simply wanted more followers and that it worked. Unfortunately, this is not the first time that Kylie Jenner has been targeted with a fake scandal.

Kendall posts picture of support

When the hacker was claiming that he had nude pictures of her sister, Kendall Jenner decided to take action. She posted a photo from a recent photo shoot on her Instagram. The photo shows the star fully nude lying across a table with a cigarette in her hand. The other members of the Kardashian family have also reacted to the scandal by expressing their support for Kylie The Metro reported.

The incident began and ended all within the space of this week. There has been nothing further from Kylie about the whole ordeal. It seems as if the celebrity has returned to her normal life