Celine Dion has proved the world that she is a timeless beauty after posing nude for a magazine. The 49-year-old songwriter was clicked during a dress change between Paris Couture Week shows as part of a Vogue series documenting her life during one of France’s most extravagant fashion weeks. Apart from being a successful singer, Celine Dion is widely famous for her haute couture. However, her recent photographs that have surfaced online are beyond our imaginations.

Celine Dion as a fashion icon

The “I Love You” singer bared it all for the said magazine cover. Several posts from Vogue are now available on its official Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Vogue writes on the caption, “Celine looks hot while sitting in a chair, she holds a black and white garment.” The same set of photographs is available on Vogue’s Instagram page, depicting that Celine Dion is back to the limelight.

A report by Daily Mail has revealed that Celine is one of the most beautiful and fashionable females of her generation. Vogue admires Celine Dion for her good looks, tall height, and impressive figure. According to the media outlet, the haute couture garments that Celine usually wears come from top fashion designers.

Apparently, Celine was famous not only for singing but she had been engaged to dancing.

Daily Mail also shares that Celine Dion is very careful when it comes to selecting her outfits. She does not wear outdated dresses. Instead, Dion chooses vibrant colors and trendy clothes. She compliments her look with matching jewelry, beautiful handbags, and branded footwear. In the meantime, Celine Dion has shared on her Twitter that she does not follow the clothes to wear; instead, the clothes follow her.

According to the singer, she loves hand-made garments. Hence, without any doubts, Celine is one of the certified icons when it comes to fashion and beauty.

She offers no explanation for her nudity

Usually, when women older than 40 do anything sexy in the media eye, this display of sexuality is accompanied by breakdowns of why and how they look so beautiful.

As evidence, you can check out the articles about Goldie Hawn — one of the funniest ladies in the world – who often posed nude for fashion magazines. Goldie was once forced to offer explanations for her nudity. But Celine Dion has offered no explanation for her nudity.

It seems that the singer won’t apologize for her sexy Photo Shoot. In the meantime, fans speculate that the singer does not need a reason to show some skin. What do you say about Celine’s recent photo shoot?

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