Celine Dion gave us all the feels when she performed "My Heart Will Go On" at the #2017 Billboard Music Awards Sunday to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the blockbuster hit "Titanic." But more than her stupefying performance, viewers were astounded by the singer's epic white gown which made her glow onstage.

The story behind the style

Reports stated the gown was a creation of Stephane Rolland personally chosen by Dion's styling team led by Law Roach. When asked about the story behind the gown, the stylist said it was his intention to choose someone whom he has not worked with in the past.

Hence, the famous stylist picked Stephane Rolland who is known for his "showstopper" creations.

Law Roach added the French fashion designer was even delighted when he reached out to him to dress Celine Dion for her performance at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards. Stephane Rolland sent two gowns on top of 13 other gowns reserved by Law Roach for the big event.

The styling team had to select one out of 15 gowns they brought in Las Vegas for Celine Dion. After seeing all 15 gowns, Law Roach was quick to decide that the white v-neck gown was the one for the "I'm Alive" singer. The stylist added the epic gown perfectly matched Celine Dion's elegance and sophistication which convinced him to choose the Stephane Rolland creation.

Law Roach immediately asked Celine Dion to try the gown along with five others. After seeing the design of Stephane Rolland's masterpiece, the legendary singer was surprised and excited at the same time to put it on. In fact, the stylist knew Celine Dion would love the epic gown by the look on her face.

'That woman can wear clothes'

The stylist also commended Celine Dion for pulling off that epic style at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards. Law Roach said he feels honored to be working with the Canadian singer whom he described as fearless who will anything without worrying what the critics have to say.

His only job is to bring Celine Dion his picks and let her choose what she loves best.

After a year of working with the singer, Law Roach shared the artist started to rely on him after last year's Couture Week in Paris. He added the 49-year-old singer is someone who is straightforward about what she likes which has made Law Roach's work a lot easier.

The stylist proudly said that his working relationship with Celine Dion was built on trust. Although Law Roach does not consider the singer's BBMAs style his most favorite, the stylist, however, said that this pick was personally emotional for him.