"Big Brother" has always had houseguests who hated one another, and Season 19 is no different. However, there is a houseguest who seems to be the worst of the haters during this season or any other season.

Those who have been watching the show since it debuted this season know exactly who that is. Cody Nickson seems to have no compassion for anyone but himself and Jessica Graf. He has a deep hatred for Josh Martinez. He can't stand Paul Abrahamian, the guest who returned from last season, but it is nothing compared to his hatred for Josh and besides Paul knows how to play the game and is not timid like Josh.

In fact, it is a good thing Paul was brought back into the house because he is helping the others stand up against Cody.

Cody and Josh

Cody seems to have a chip on his shoulder. He knows who he can manipulate. He keeps a sour look on his face, and he appears to be disgusted with whatever is going on unless he is the one in the driver's seat. He is a complainer. He complains about the decorations in the house, the games that are being placed and of course the other houseguests. In the July 9 episode, he made Josh cry when he kept accusing Josh of acting like a girl and making victim noises. Fans on social media have commented that Cody is doing the same thing that he is accusing Josh of doing.

Last episode

On the last episode, Paul had a strategy to get Cody out of the house.

Hopefully, it will not backfire. He had it all worked out until Ramses threw a monkey wrench into the plan without knowing he was putting others in jeopardy. Paul had convinced Alex and Josh to allow themselves to be put on the block as pawns. Then one would be replaced with Cody. Just before that happened, Ramses put himself on the block to get rid of the curse he was under.

No one expected that. So, now Josh, Alex, and Ramses are on the block which means any one of them could go home unless there is another turn of events.

What's coming up?

The next episode that airs on Wednesday, July 12 should be very interesting with Josh, Alex, and Ramses on the block for eviction. Fans believe Josh will be pulled off the block and replaced with Cody.

It will be fascinating to see if that will happen.

Make sure you tune in to watch the next episode of "Big Brother" on Wednesday on CBS at 8 p.m. to see how things are going to turn out for Cody and all the other houseguests. Remember, Julie Chen has already warned viewers to expect the unexpected.

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