The popular singer Celine Dion has finally proven the world that she is a timeless beauty after posing nude for Vogue. Apart from being a singer, Dion is also known for her personal haute couture. However, her recent look that has surfaced online was extremely beyond anybody's imagination.

Dion has finally bared it all for the said magazine cover. Several posts from Vogue were shared online through their Instagram page. On the caption, Vogue wrote, "Dion is shown nude, sitting in a chair, arms folded as she holds a white garment."

Dion as a fashion icon

A report from CNN has also shared that Dion is one of the most well-known fashion icons of her generation.

Vogue has also explained on their lengthy caption the haute couture garments that she usually wears. The caption also explained the different activities that the singer has been involved over the years of her career.

Apparently, Dion was known not only for singing but she has also been engaged to dancing. Vogue also shared that Dion's outfits were carefully chosen by her own atelier before she's got the chance to wear it on her shows. Meanwhile, Dion has also shared that she doesn't follow the clothes to wear; but instead, the clothes simply followed her.

She has also worn hand-made and hand-beaded garments a lot of times. Hence, without a doubt, Dion is a certified icon when it comes to fashion. Meanwhile, Vogue has also shared some of Dion's old photos which featured her love for fashion through her outfits.

High fashion junkie

Everyone was in awe after learning that the 49-year old fashion junkie has sat down on the chair of Vogue for a nude photo snap. The magazine's official Instagram page has shared a photo of her sitting down on a chair with her arms and crossed legs in the proper places.

While posing it nude, Dion has a white cloth with her during the shoot.

It was also revealed that the 49-year old singer has been changing a lot of looks during her shows for the past five years of her career. She has been performing a minimum of two hours in every single night and has live performances for almost six times in a week.

Hence, her entire team of Atelier has carefully chosen the garments which were used for her shows.

It was also believed that the singer has her own atelier where she can choose for a personalized design of everything that she wears.

Moreover, it was also known that Dion will send her fashion team to Nevada and will have her clothes in three fittings. This has been one of the secrets that she has kept when it comes to her love for fashion and style.

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