Caitlyn Jenner is now making a difference one point after another. Now, it looks like she has another opportunity to make a huge difference not only for the LGBTQ group but also for the people of America.

To take a seat in the government soon?

Many fans speculate that the former gold medal Olympian would Run for a seat in the office. During her interview with AM 970 in New York together with John Catsimatidis, she finally gave the answer that everyone has been waiting for.

She admitted that she had been more seriously considering in taking a big shot in the politics.

Jenner admitted that she likes the political side of the government. She explained further that this political side has always been very intriguing to her. With the next six months, she is looking for a place where she can do a better job to benefit others.

To do better if she's a part of it

The former Olympian also stated that the help is better if it is from the inside and that she is determined for it. She ended her statement with the confirmation that she is to run for a senatorial seat.

After her stage of transitioning into a full woman, a lot of fans wonder if Caitlyn Jenner will be taking a leap into politics. As reported by E! Online, a lot of those fans will support her since she will be representing the LGBTQ community.

Since she is a conservative Republican, it is not surprising if people will support her on her journey. In fact, the executive director of Log Cabin Republicans, Gregory Angelo, mentioned her name during her transition times.

According to Angelo during his interview with E! Online, it is exciting and interesting that Caitlyn Jenner has the potential to bridge two worlds.

Because of her and her transition, she can bridge the gaps between entertainment and politics.

Seriously considering everything

Caitlyn Jenner admitted that she did not take politics seriously until recently. Although she is not planning to enter the government soon, she is looking on trying her luck in the next year or two. Jenner would like to see if she can do a better job when she already has a senatorial seat and if she can do a better job especially for the LGBTQ community from the inside.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the next Senate election for California will be for the seat of Dianne Feinstein. Although the 84-year-old politician is yet to confirm whether she will be running again next year, there is no prominent and interested candidate for the Republicans yet.