james franco has taken legal action to shut down a Play featuring himself. The play was written by actor and playwright Kevin Broccoli. Broccoli is a fan of Franco and wrote his character into the two man show. The show focuses on a son who is waiting for his father to pass away at the hospital. There, he encounters James Franco and the play turns into a discussion between the pair about morality. The play was performed at the Epic Theater Company before it moved to New York and the People's Improv Theater.

'James Franco and Me' shut down

The play features only two characters.

Broccoli plays himself, with a different actor taking on the role of James Franco every night. The setting is a hospital with Broccoli's father slowly passing away. His son waits in the hospital room where he encounters James Franco. The one-hour play turns into a discussion about morality between Franco and Broccoli.

The play has been very successful. It was performed at the Epic Theater Company in Rhode Island over 30 times, where it received stellar reviews. The play was so successful that it was moved to New York. There, Brocolli and the James Franco character wooed theater lovers. It was brought to the New York People's Improv Theater, where it caught the attention of Franco himself.

Franco did not want his name associated with the play "James Franco and Me." He sent a cease a desist letter to the theater company in New York and they have agreed to remove his name from the play.

For now, the play will continue and for one night only will be under the name "_______ and Me".

A spin off play has been ordered

Despite this being the end of Broccoli's "James Franco and Me," the theater has confirmed that there will be a spin off the original play. While Kevin is disappointed that Franco wanted the play to be shut down, he does understand the star's decision.

He stated that he thought Franco would not mind Broccoli using his name and character as the content of the play is something he believed James Franco would be interested in.

Nevertheless, the play will see its final night at the People's Improv Theater and is sure to bring in a great crowd. On the positive side for Kevin Broccoli, the cease and desist from the star himself has helped advertise his play to a great degree.

Brocolli has stated he will not be playing his own character until his play can be brought back in New York. Fans of the play can look forward to its spin-off which is currently in production.