Four evicted houseguests took part in the "Big Brother" Battle Back episode, which aired on CBS Friday night. The houseguests who competed were Cameron Heard, Jillian Parker, Cody Nickson, and Dominique Cooper.

Three part comp

The Battle Back competition was made up of three parts. Part one was called the "Maze Race, " and the top two finishers in the contest would advance to the next round, while the other two competitors go home for good.

The first to finish "Maze Race" was Cody, and then Cameron finished second, sending the girls Jillian and Dominique back home.

After that, the two competed head to head in the second battle of the night, called "Billboard Bashers." Cody won "Billboard Bashers," advancing to the final comp.

In order to get back into the "Big Brother" house, Cody had to challenge one of the current houseguests in either the "Maze Race" or "Billboard Bashers." Cody was able to choose which competition he wanted, and he selected "Maze Race." He would be informed later who his competition was.

Host Julie Chen surprised the current houseguests with the news of the Battle Back comp taking place. The houseguests were stunned and most were not very happy about the news. Then Julie informed them that they get to vote for who they want to be the house challenger, but they could not vote for themselves.

The houseguests all chose veteran player Paul Abrahamian to compete against Cody.

The final challenge

If the house challenger Paul won the "Maze Race," then Cody would not come back into the "Big Brother" house. If Cody won, then he would be back in the game, competing again for the $500,000 prize.

The two men were intense as they played the "Maze Race" while the current houseguests looked on.

After a pretty close match, Cody ended up winning and getting back into the game.

The first thing Cody did after he won was run to his showmance partner, Jessica Graf. The two had a long embrace while the other houseguests looked defeated. Jessica whispered in Cody's ear to not do anything crazy until she caught him up on everything and everyone.

Paul did go up to Cody and congratulated him on the win.

After the win, Julie informed the houseguests that they would all be competing in the Head of Household (HOH) competition. There wasn't time to show the HOH comp, but fans will learn who wins HOH on this Sunday's episode. The next episode of "Big Brother" will air on CBS on Sunday, July 23 at 8/7c.