On this Season 3 premiere things started off with drama as usual. Ryan got back with this Long Time girlfriend Rachel, who he has known since high school. From the previous seasons, she moved away with their child. Now, she is back and might be causing trouble. She has been with Ryan longer than anyone on the show. Of course, Ryan would listen to his long time girlfriend, then take the advice of people has not known for over ten years. Throughout the season their devoted connection could ruin Ryan's connection between his crew.

So why are people mad?

At the beginning of the show, a footage of Ryan going on a tattoo convention with just Rachel was shown. At the last minute, he let everyone know they were not going to join him anymore. Ryan claims his new changes are because he wants to spend the adequate time with his family. Van is all about the 9 Mag family, but Ryan seems to have lost his family orientated spirit. Did he lose his family orientated spirit or was he always too lenient to this employee? It might be a little of both.

First, it was Kat, now Danielle

Last season, danielle's long term boyfriend Terrence from high school crashed a 9 Mag trip drunk. He was jealous because of Danielle's and Ryan's short romance fling.

He said disrespectful slurs and put his hands on Ryan. Moreover, for 9 Mag's four year anniversary, he made it known for Danielle not to invite Terrence because of his rude behavior. She confronts Ryan about sneak dissing Terrence on social media, and she ended up getting fired. The next day she was replaced by a new receptionist.

Does Ryan care about Danielle?

Charmaine living on the expensive side

Charmaine went from having her car repossessed two months ago to now living in a penthouse in downtown Chicago. Three months ago she met back up with a guy from college, and they immediately started dating.

Kat enjoying the west coast

Kat is taking a break from 9 Mag and decided to move to California.

She opened up her own tattoo business. Kat tattoo's celebrities on the regular and parties with them. She is enjoying life and escaping Chicago. Her confusing relationship with Phor lessens her enjoyment in Chicago. Also, the on and off feuds with 9 Mag CEO Ryan made her feel isolated and ruined her interest in staying at 9 Mag.

Ryan is not like most bosses. He jokes with his employees, which make it hard for him to be taken seriously. Also, he has a hard time keeping things professional. Hopefully, in this season he will show us how a tattoo boss is supposed to act.