The notably troubled pop star must have done something to upset china's government. Bieber has been banned from other places around the world. Back in 2014, he was banned from an archaeological site located in Mexico for pulling down his pants on a close off area. He visited Anne Frank's house and wrote in a book that he [wished she was a fan]. Disrespectful. So what did the pop star do to get himself banned in China? Nothing.

How did he get banned in China?

Furthermore, simply the Chinese Bureau are disgusted with this "onstage antics." He did nothing in China, but his reputation got him banned.

His on and off stage reputation is so widely known that even other countries do not want him performing. China respects and likes his music, but to save their countries' reputation; they prefer the 23-year-old pop star to perform somewhere else in Asia.

What happens next?

Moreover, for the pop star, he just canceled his Purpose World Tour, before he was scheduled to still perform in Indonesia. Let’s hope he will act respectful and mature enough to be invited back here. Bieber traveling as a foreigner should research the country. Some American venues are used to American music artist acting disrespectful, so that is why we tolerate it instead of banning them. Bieber needs to keep in mind that when he performs in other countries he music follow their rules.

He can not enter into other countries with the same mental state as America. In the United States, he has gotten himself into various club fights. One of the most known club fights was with Orlando Bloom.

Additionally, while the pop star was hanging out in Cleveland, Ohio he got into a fight with a bystander. The bystander was a father who daughter wanted a picture of Bieber for his daughter.

As a result, Bieber snatches the phone out of the guy's hand, and they immediately start fighting. Even though he has a bad reputation when it comes to maturity, however, he is a very talented young singer. His fans are aware of the talent and continue to show support by coming to concerts.

Bieber is still a young singer and has been in the Hollywood spotlight since he was a little boy.

He is under a lot of pressure to seem reasonable but is also goes through issues like others in his age. He will always be considered and known for his incredible singing and reputation throughout the world.