Things are getting more dramatic for Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf in “Big Brother” Season 19 this week as they are both nominated. However, chances are high that they will still stay in the most popular house on TV for another week.

Cody and Jessica are nominated this week

Cody and Jessica wanted to give the other house guests, including Paul Abrahamian, the head of household, an impression that they are not vulnerable. So, Jessica convinced Cody that they should not participate in the Curse competition.

The Curse competition in "Big Brother 19" is a gamble.

The winner will be safe this week, but the loser will be the third nominee. Jessica wanted to keep things low-key and give Paul the impression that they are not competitive and are not targeting him. So, he convinced Cody that they give the Curse competition a pass.

Cody was initially reluctant to accept Jessica’s idea. He knew that it would not deter Paul from nominating them. Cody knew that Paul does not like them and that the latter knows how to play the game too well. However, the last "Big Brother" episode showed that he eventually conceded to Jessica. The curse competition happened with Mark Jansen winning the game and Jason Dent losing. Mark is safe for another week, but Jason’s loss paved the way for him to be the third nominee.

True to Cody’s fears, Paul nominated him and Jessica. Now, they are both at risk of leaving the house next week. Cody regretted that he didn’t play the Curse competition, had he won it, one of them would be removed from the block. On Saturday, the Power of Veto (POV) competition will take place and if one of them will win it then they can successfully remove one from the block.

However, if Jason wins the Veto, then that will leave Cody and Jessica on the block. One of them will likely leave the house, but honestly, chances are high that, that is not happening.

Cody and Jessica are still safe for another week

Jessica has the third and final Den of Temptation privilege, the Halting Hex. This means that she cannot stop the nomination, but she could stop the eviction, which means that no one goes home.

If Jason gets lucky and wins the Veto, Jessica can use her power to stop herself or Cody from leaving the house. Jessica already said that she has no plans of using her privilege other than to save herself or Cody. "Big Brothers" Season 19 viewers know that there is a full swing showmance between Cody and Jessica.

If this happens then it will not be a total loss for Paul because the pair will be vulnerable next week as Jessica is forced to use the Halting Hex. However, there is still a possibility that Cody is at risk, depending on Jessica. If Jessica wins the Veto and changes her mind to use the Halting Hex, then Cody or Jason might leave this week. Jessica will be safe in the next two weeks.

What do you think, will Jessica use her power to save Cody? What are the chances that she will change her mind and only use the Halting Hex for herself? Watch "Big Brother 19" on Sunday at 9 PM EDT on CBS.