It is always fun to have the longtime characters back on "General Hospital," and it looks like two of them will be getting some much-needed screen time very soon. Married couple, Mac and Felicia Scorpio, are so cute together, but they have been pushed aside for a while now to leave room for other story lines. However, "General Hospital" spoilers tease that they will be getting themselves into a bit of trouble very soon.

Lovebirds in trouble

The Scorpios are usually on the good side of the law. However, they may just find out what it's like on the other side of the law.

According to "General Hospital" spoilers, Mac and Felicia get into some trouble in the coming weeks. What could they possibly do?

It has something to do with trying to spice up their love life. Mac had confided to Nathan West last week that he is trying to find some ways to surprise his wife and to make things more interesting in their marriage. He seemed quite excited about it. His first step was purchasing a sexy piece of lingerie. What is next? Will he and Felicia get caught in a public place doing something they shouldn't? Only time will tell.

Man Landers strikes again?

Mac had also told Nathan that he had taken the advice of Man Landers when it came to revving up his relationship with Felicia.

He apparently reads the advice column, but has no idea that Nathan is involved in it and that Amy Driscoll is really Man Landers. Won't Mac be surprised when this all comes out in the open?

So, it stands to reason that there may be something that is written in the advice column that leads the lovebirds to do something out of the ordinary that is likely to get them into hot water.

Will Mac and Felicia get arrested and land in jail because of it? It seems like this Man Landers deal may be getting out of hand. Nathan may be confessing very soon.

What will Maxie think?

Nathan is not only a friend to Mac Scorpio, he is also his and Felicia's son-in-law.

This makes things a little more complicated. Maxie is expected to return permanently soon and she will have a lot to say if her parents are found in a complicated situation. She will also be shocked if she finds out that it is all due to this Man Landers fiasco, and that her husband is involved with it.

It is always fun to have the Scorpios back. Mac and Felicia are two well-loved characters on "General Hospital." Watching them get their romance on should be fun and entertaining as always. Stay tuned to see what kind of trouble these two will get into.