"Big Brother" Season 19 is in full swing, and the last person to be evicted was Dominique Cooper. The government nuclear engineer lives in Woodbridge, Virginia but is originally from Tuskegee, Alabama. The University of Tennessee alum just turned 31 on July 11. She describes herself as uber-optimistic, energetic, and determined.

While she was on the reality show, she had no problem displaying her Christianity and her faith in God. Throughout her time in the house, she read her Bible, quoted scriptures and prayed. Once things got so bad, she went into the bathroom and prayed in tongues.

One person on social media asked about the language she was speaking. Sometimes she was mocked and laughed about, but she was not ashamed to exhibit her faith.

Journey to eviction

Dominique was one of 16 contestants on the reality show. She was the only black woman along with two black men, Josh and Ramses, who are still competing. Head of Household Alex nominated Dominique for eviction along with Jessica on Day 24. On Day 30, no one voted for Jessica. Every single one of the houseguests voted for Dominique to be evicted. It was a unanimous vote of 10-0.

Following her eviction, she competed against Cameron, Jillian, and Cody in the Battle Back Showdown in an effort to return to the house. She was eliminated in the first round.

Dominque insisted she was betrayed by her own group. During her speech saying why she shouldn't be evicted, she forgave everyone and asked for their forgiveness if she had done anything against them. She openly thanked God and CBS for allowing her to be there. She forgave those who betrayed her. Finally, she wished those well who are still competing in the game.

What went wrong?

Paul saw Dominique as a threat because of her strength and steadfastness. Therefore, he was the one who convinced Alex to put her up for eviction. After she got into an argument with Paul, she called him a snake and her other allies took Paul's side and turned against her.

She competed along with Cameron, Jillian, and Cody to get back into the house during the Battle Back challenge on Friday night, July 21.

Cody won the challenge, and he is going back into the house. The other three were sent home where they can watch the rest of the season on television instead of been sequestered along with their previous houseguests.

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