Earlier this week, actress Nikki Blonsky reacted to Ariel Winter's sexy style, backing up numerous claims that the "Modern Family" star dresses both inappropriately and confidently. Nikki, who teamed up with Ariel on Burt Reynold's film "Dog Years," seems to have a lot of things to say about her, particularly with her risque fashion sense.

The 28-year-old actress pointed out that Winter appears to enjoy flaunting her body in public, especially since she has "worked hard" for it. However, despite Ariel's confidence with her body, Nikki reiterated that she should know its limits.

Nikki's word of advice for Ariel

According to the "Hairspray" star, it is quite understandable for Ariel to show off her curves considering the amount of hard work that she has gone through just to look good. But she also explained that the voluptuous beauty should pick the appropriate time and place to dress provocatively.

In an interview with TooFab, Nikki stated that Ariel should be able to wear whatever she wants, especially with such beauty and confidence. However, Nikki reiterated that Ariel should also consider covering up more when there are children around.

"Granted, yes, there are children in the world, so cover up a little bit, but she works hard for her body," the actress explained.

Blonsky also pointed out the fact that people assume they can say whatever they want to a famous celebrity like Winter, particularly mean, body-shaming remarks.

She also expressed her confidence that Ariel could set an example for young girls to embrace their own curves.

"She’s a strong chick and I love her," Nikki added. "I actually think she’s gonna be an awesome role model for girls who wanna live in their body and have fun."

Ariel not ashamed to flaunt her body

Winter is known for being sensitive about people who body-shame her or commenting about her racy outfits.

In fact, the young actress hit back to her haters last week on Twitter. The outspoken star posted a lengthy rant about haters claiming that she's "squeezing" into skimpy outfits.

Aside from her online critics, Winter's own mother is also reportedly dismayed by her sexy style.

Last month, Ariel's estranged mother, Crystal Workman, revealed that she wants her daughter to be more conservative and avoid exposing too much skin.

"She needs to grow up. I would tell her to dress properly, be the beautiful person she is," Crystal stated. "I feel sad that she feels the need to expose herself when it’s not necessary."

Ariel Winter and her mom went their separate ways in 2015. The young actress has accused her mother of abusing her physically and emotionally.