Christmas Abbott ended up falling and hurting her foot while in the "Big Brother 19" House. She had to go to the hospital and even have surgery on her foot. Last week, the fans saw that Christmas was still at the hospital and was able to do her live vote over the phone with Julie Chen. Now Christmas is back in the house again, and everyone wants to know how bad her injury really was and if she will be okay.

What is going on with Christmas in the house now?

Christmas Abbott came back to the house on Friday afternoon. She has been back for a bit now.

It turns out that she was gone about 52 hours, which is a pretty long time to be out of the game. You know that a lot of talking was going on while she was gone.

Right now, Christmas seems to have a pretty good alliance. She isn't someone that they are worried about beating them in competitions. She may end up getting to stick around for a while because she doesn't have a huge target on her back. Christmas has a lot of fans, but everyone is just going to have to wait and see how she does.

How is Christmas doing?

Christmas shared when she got back into the house that she was feeling pretty groggy. It turns out that her injury is a lot worse than they thought it was at the start. It turns out that she actually broke ten bones in her foot.

She said that the doctor said, "it looked like a bomb went off in her foot." One bone ended up getting a donor bone, several screws and four pins as well. Things are pretty bad, and it sounds like Christmas may be dealing with this for a while.

Things are pretty bad, and it sounds like Christmas may be dealing with this for a while.

She may have to leave the house again soon to even get it recast. It sounds like "BB19" is going to let Christmas come and go as she needs to, but this shocks a lot of the fans. Christmas is going to be in the cast for at least six weeks, but it could end up being longer. It doesn't sound like she will ever be able to compete like normal in this house, which will make it hard for her if she gets to the end of the show.

There are a lot of very physical competitions on "Big Brother" and Christmas can't take part in most of those, which is going to make it difficult for her to ever win HOH or POV.

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