Javi Marroquin is keeping busy after he learned that his ex-wife Kailyn Lowry is expecting her third child. Kailyn is about to give birth any day now and she is still struggling to find a name. She isn’t asking her ex-husband for advice, as he essentially wants nothing to do with her new life. He just wants them to co-parent little Lincoln without causing too much drama.

This “Teen Mom 2” ex-husband has revealed that he's currently dating a new woman named Lauren. He's keeping busy traveling all over the country. While he has revealed that he is writing a tell-all book, it sounds like he is focusing on his work in the military first and foremost.

Javi talks military earnings

This weekend he had a layover in Philadelphia when one person reached out to him on Twitter asking about his time there. He revealed he was at the airport and just spending time there during a layout as he was heading to another city.

When the fan revealed that she had seen him board along with the first-class passengers, Javi revealed that the military does not pay for first-class tickets, but he got go board early because of his work and because he is active duty. It sounds like he’s hinting that he doesn’t make so much money from the military that he can fly business class whenever he needs to go somewhere.

Is he still getting MTV money?

Of course, many people have discussed what these “Teen Mom 2” stars are actually earning from filming the show, but none of the girls have leaked their contract information. None of the “Teen Mom” stars have revealed what they are making, except Adam Lind. He has hinted that it is upwards of $250,000 for a single season of the show.

That was in regards to his earnings, so the girls are probably making quite a bit more. The girls are also about to enter another season, season 8, which means that the money could be racking up. Chelsea DeBoer’s father has previously revealed on Twitter that MTV is putting money aside for the kids to go to college, so it sounds like these girls are doing quite well.

Javi may not feel like he’s making as much money in the military if he keeps comparing his money to that of his ex-wife who is the reality star.

One can imagine that he isn't focusing too much on how much Kailyn is making compared to him now that he's no longer in the spotlight. It's possible that he would much rather focus on having a private life and on his relationship with his son. Plus, now that he has a new girlfriend, it's possible he wants nothing to do with the “Teen Mom 2” franchise.

What do you think about Javi Marroquin's comment that the military isn’t paying for business class tickets? Do you think he will appear on the upcoming season of “Teen Mom 2?”