The long wait is over. Beyonce posted a photo of her one-month-old Twins on Instagram on Friday, July 14. The Instagram photo shows Beyonce holding her twins next to her chest. The Babies were born on June 13 and the boy named Sir Carter and the girl named Rumi Carter appeared to be sleeping. By 10 a.m., Beyonce's post had received more than 6.6 million likes.

The twins are young siblings to five-year-old sister, Blue Ivy Carter. By now, the public probably knows that she is on her father's latest rap song, "4:44" that was released on June 30.

Two photos

The photo with the twins has beautiful colors similar to the photo the 35-year-old singer shared when she announced her pregnancy with twins on February 1. The particular photo became the most liked image on Instagram to date. It received more than 11 million likes. The photos look like they could be the work of the same photographer, but two different photographers worked in conjunction with Beyonce to come up with the final look.

The pregnancy photo was taken by the photographer Awol Erizku. In the photo, the expectant mother was surrounded by roses, and sheer material covered her body as she cradled her growing stomach. The recent photo with the twins was taken by photographer Mason Poole.

The singer is standing in front of a very large flower arrangement with a blue sea in the background. A long blue veil is on top of her head and flows downward.

The photos on Instagram prove that no matter how many rumors swirl about Beyonce and her family, she makes announcements on her own terms when she is ready to do so.

When her father made the announcement a month ago, Beyonce kept silent. She neither confirmed or denied the birth. The same thing happened with the babies' names. Beyonce continued to let people speculate until now.


Beyonce has been married to JAY-Z, whose real name is Shawn Carter, since April 4, 2008.

The 47-year-old rapper is now the patriarch of a family of five which includes three children. Blue Ivy has a unique name. Fans are wondering about the significance of the twins' names.

Sir is likely a name of distinction, royalty, and respect. Rumi is probably in reference to Jamal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi who was a 13th-century Persian poet. He wrote about love, religion and being of service to all people. Of course, this is just speculation until Beyonce confirms it on her Instagram page perhaps with another photo.

What do the think about the name of the twins?