bethenny frankel didn't really want to discuss the situation with her ex-husband, Jason Hoppy, on this week’s episode of “The Real Housewives of New York.” Back in January when the show was filming, Bethenny learned that her ex-husband wanted to talk to her about something serious. He showed up at their daughter's school and started threatening and harassing her.

Hollywood Life has reported that he yelled something along the lines of wanting to destroy her, and Bethenny was completely shocked. She was so rattled by it that she didn't say anything to anyone.

The only person who knew was Carole Radziwill. But it didn't take long for the media to pick up on the fact that he had harassed her outside of their daughter’s school and he was soon hit with charges.

Jason continues to stalk Bethenny?

Fans were surprised to hear this news, as they didn't think that he was such a bad guy when he was filming the show along with her. He seemed like the sweetest guy who really cared for her, but things have supposedly changed between them after they got divorced. Perhaps he still holds a grudge against Bethenny, even though he is the one who may have messed up the marriage.

Many fans wrote to Bethenny during Wednesday's episode and they clearly have several things to say to her about the situation.

Many people felt bad for her, but one person actually revealed that she was in hiding because of what her husband had done to her. The situations were not the same, as this lady revealed that her husband had hit her out of nowhere.

The interesting thing about this tweet is that the person who wrote to Bethenny revealed that she was in the south and therefore could Carry arms.

It sounds like this person may be encouraging Bethenny to start carrying a weapon if she feels that her ex-husband is being too aggressive with her.

Could the situation turn dangerous?

Of course, Bethenny just wants this entire thing to end and she has absolutely no interest in continuing with the drama. She had hoped that once the divorce was settled, they could move on.

If he is indeed doing all of these things that Bethenny is accusing him of, one can imagine the Bethenny Frankel may be in danger at some point. She's often seen walking around the streets of New York with her daughter by herself, where she doesn't have any security protecting her.

Maybe he realizes that he does have a chance to attack if he really wanted to. It is a scary situation and many fans feel her pain.

What do you think about Bethenny Frankel’s situation? Do you think the situation could be so serious that it requires her to carry a weapon at all time?