“Batman” star Ben Affleck and his ex-wife Jennifer Garner reunited to spend July 4Th bonding and having fun. If one is not aware of the marital issues of the ex-couple, he will surely conclude that theirs is an ideal family. The estranged couple and their three children, Violet, Seraphina, and Samuel had a fun-filled holiday with lots of sunshine.

Ben Affleck and family celebrate July 4th

The “Men, Women, and Children” star joined the 5k run while Affleck stayed with the kids, according to Daily Mail. He had them look at some of the merchandise for sale in the park area, bought cotton candy for his son, and walked with them while waiting for the parade to start.

The family dog, a golden retriever, walked with them to the park. Affleck and his kids continued having fun until the afternoon.

The couple filed for divorce two months ago after two years of being separated. Although they stayed in the same compound after their split, they occupy separate homes. But they continued to co-parent their children and retained the respect and friendship they have with each other. Ben Affleck moved out of the compound after he and his ex-wife agreed to finally file for divorce. The three children stayed with their mother and he finds time to be with them whenever possible.

Ben Affleck remains devoted to family

Fans of the pair were hoping for reconciliation because despite their split, they remained closely knit as a family.

No news of a third party dating has been reported since their separation. They even developed their spirituality and go to church together. Garner admitted that she has gone away from church since she transferred to L.A., but had returned to exercise her faith after filming “Miracles from Heaven.”

Jennifer Garner admitted that the filing of the divorce papers was deferred because she waited for Affleck to finish his alcohol addiction rehabilitation.

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Right after he was declared free from his alcohol issues, the duo announced that they were working on their divorce.

The former husband and wife filed their divorce papers two months ago “in pro persona,” which means that they did it without any counsel. In this way, the pair can make their divorce private. Besides, it signifies the couple’s desire to work together and work out things amicably.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner may be separated in court but they will remain committed to co-parenting and maintaining their friendship for the sake of their children. More of the family’s happy moments will be coming. Just recently, the family went to Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas, as reported by AOL. Despite the divorce, nothing will ever change and family life remains an enjoyable and satisfying thing for the ex-couple.