Fans have waiting a long time for the coming of the “Sons of Anarchy” spinoff “Mayans MC,” but it looks like they have to wait a little longer. According to reports, FX has confirmed that the sequel needs to undergo a number of reshoots and recast.

The executive producer of “Grimm,” Norberto Barba, will be handling the new television series’ premiere episode, which was originally directed by Elgin James. The network is going to replace some major roles. However, it didn’t give further details about it.

The show’s creator explains his side

It is not surprising that a big project like “Mayans MC” is undergoing a reshoot.

In fact, the first episodes of “Sons of Anarchy” and FX’s new upcoming drama series “Snowfall” had the same experience.

In a tweet, The “SoA” creator Kurt Sutter explained why the reshoot and recast should happen. “This was the process for SOA,” he tweeted. According to him, it is just a clear indication of Fox and FX’s commitment to the televisions series. This, too, will give him and Elgin James more time to improve the show’s “cast, script, and direction.”

To recall, the 57-year-old producer initially planned to direct the show’s prequel, but he will be focusing now on writing the television series’ script. The recast is now being made while the show’s production is about to start in the late summer.

To recall, “Mayans MC” already cast JD Pardo as its lead actor E.Z. Reyes, a prospect in the Mayan MC charter. Also, Edward James Olmos is on the roster as Felipe Reyes and Richard Cabral as Johnny “El Coco” Cruz, a member of Mayans MC, Santo Padre. Other stars who are supposedly in the show are John Ortiz, Antonio Jaramillo, and Clayton Cardenas.

The 2 shows same fate

“Mayans MC” will be set after the events of “Sons of Anarchy.” Here, E.Z. Reyes will be seen struggling as he plans to seek vengeance against the cartel.

He will be making a great effort to get the respect he is longing to have from the woman he loves. Kurt Sutter will be co-writing the show’s premiere episode on FX.

Meanwhile, “SoA” had been on the air for seven seasons from 2008 to 2014. It was led by Charlie Hunnam as Jax Teller. Fans can even recall the Mayans as a force that had a number of mixed-up with SAMCRO. Just like the spinoff, it underwent substantial reshoots before it finally debuted on FX.

It was also recast. Originally, Scott Glenn was set to play the role of the motorcycle club president Clay Morrow before it was later given to Ron Perlman. All of the scenes the 76-year-old actor had done were reshot.