Quinn is no Mother Teresa, and she has made many enemies along the way. However, somehow, she’s been able to redeem herself. With Eric by her side, she has been whitewashed and has had to endure a lot of hate and opposition from his family – and with good reason.

Quinn’s track record

Quinn has hurt a lot of people in the past and has committed crime after crime, for which she has hardly paid for, if at all. After all that she had to put up with from the Forrester clan to gain their acceptance, she seemed to be on the right track. Family members agreed that she does, in fact, love Eric.

And then there was Ridge, who can’t seem to understand boundaries. Ridge was desperate to get Quinn out of his father’s life, and in the process managed to become enamored with her. Ever since their trip to San Francisco, Ridge and Quinn have been stealing kissy-touchy moments and eventually, they got caught. Brooke, who was supposed to marry Ridge, saw them with her own eyes and she decided to dump him for Dollar Bill instead. So who are the possible shooters?

Katie Logan

Katie Logan has a lot of reason to be bitter. Some argue that she wants Eric for herself, and that she is peeved by the fact that people like Quinn get away with not paying for their misdeeds. This week, Quinn had to fire Katie from Forrester Creations, since Eric did not approve of her designs, which were just plain bad!

Upon hearing the news, Katie reached for Charlie’s gun and pointed it directly at Quinn. Luckily, she didn’t shoot (the gun supposedly was unloaded) but when she got home, viewers discovered that she had a telescope pointing directly at the Forrester mansion! Katie hasn’t had it easy. She lost her husband to Brooke (again) and she doesn’t seem to have any happiness or fulfillment in her life.

Some women have more than one man fighting for their attention, while others hardly get a second look. Oh, Katie, could it be you?

Deacon Sharpe

Deacon, Quinn’s ex-husband, might have a bone or two to pick with Quinn.

She pushed him off a cliff when he threatened to tell an amnesiac Liam who he was when she was pretending to be his wife. Hello? He could have died! Deacon showed up later on, and when she first started seeing Eric, he was doubtful she had a real chance with him. It seems that he has and always will be there for her. But now that Quinn is the Forrester matriarch, perhaps Deacon wants revenge…

Ivy Forrester

Ivy went to see Katie after she was fired and had to listen to Katie’s rants about Quinn.

Katie basically called her Quinn’s lapdog, and she couldn’t understand it since Quinn also wronged Ivy in the past. Ivy might want to seek justice, but for the purpose of scaring Quinn, it doesn’t make too much sense, since Katie already accomplished that feat.

Eric Forrester

Eric is usually the last to know about or hear about news, however, he is suspiciously absent during these scenes. Fans have been speculating that he knows about his wife and Ridge, and he is playing some serious mind games with them. As clueless as he can be at times, “The Horny Old” doesn’t have an evil bone in his body.

Taking a shot at your cheating wife doesn't sound like Eric's style. So could it be Eric? Not likely.

It looks like fans will have to sit and wait for the shooter to be revealed. If you think that it’s any of these characters or someone else, sound off in the comments below.