"The Bachelor" 2018 is what's foremost in fans' minds as Rachel Lindsay's season of "The Bachelorette" winds down. She just let Dean Unglert go after hometown dates when she didn't feel he was in an emotionally ready to be in love. With all of his unresolved feelings for his father, Dean has a lot to contend with. Add to that, he's still young and admits he has more to understand about himself until he's fully ready for love. He will be on the upcoming season of "Bachelor in Paradise" and is rumored to find interest in two of the women there.

Would Dean like 'The Bachelor' gig?

Dean was asked by E! News if he would like to be the next "Bachelor," and he isn't on board with the idea. He cites emotional immaturity at this point in the game. He explains that he doesn't think he's "ready" from an "emotional standpoint" and wants to learn more about himself before he "dives" into being the lead for any show. At least Dean isn't ruling out the notion of being a "Bachelor," but has a substantial amount of personal growth to do before he's prepared to take on such a big role in reality television. Obviously, 2018 isn't the year for that.

Dean is aware the only exception seems to take at him being the next "Bachelor" is that he's too young.

He tells E! News that if that's the only reason, he's "flattered." Viewers will get a chance to see the 26-year-old on "Bachelor in Paradise" was perfect because "it was much more relaxed and just a fun environment."

Who would Dean like to see as the lead?

Another person who wouldn't want to see Dean or any of her finalists from her season is "The Bachelor" 2018 lead, is Rachel Lindsay.

She told Entertainment Tonight that she's possessive over the men from her season and doesn't want any of them on the show. Rachel is just kind of funny that way and she may not like it if Peter is selected as the next "Bachelor."

The three remaining contestants in Rachel's season are Bryan Abasolo, Peter Kraus, and Eric Bigger.

Dean likes all three but believes his best friend Peter would be "hands down" the one for 2018, if he's not engaged to Rachel. "I don't know if he's engaged or not. But I would gladly concede to Peter as next 'Bachelor,'" Dean said.

Peter Kraus is definitely the one most favored to be "The Bachelor" 2018, but it's not set in stone just yet. After Nick Viall was announced as the lead for 2017 when everyone believed it was Luke Pell, it was proved that no one can ever be too sure what producers are going to do.