Do you like great music and adrenaline-pumping, action-packed car chases? Then the movie "Baby Driver" by the British director Edgar Wright would be the perfect choice for you. The movie has been breaking box office records after its release on June 28th. The film focuses on a getaway driver named Baby who works for a man named Doc. Baby is trying to get out of his life of crime but must complete one last job before he is freed from the world of crime. The cast includes famous and well-known actors such as Ansel Elgort ("Fault In our Stars"), Jamie Foxx ("Django Unchained"), Kevin Spacey ("House of Cards"), and Jon Hamm ("Mad Men").

'Baby Driver' storyline

The main character is not your normal driver. He is a bad ass behind the wheel especially when he has the perfect song on. He is forced to participate in these heists in order to pay off his debt to Doc, who is the mastermind behind the criminal heists. Baby really wants to be a musician who is inspired by his mother who was a singer and died in car accident. He also takes care of his foster father who is deaf and in a wheelchair. Baby begins a romantic relationship with a girl named Debora played by Lily James. After this romantic relationship begins, he no longer wants to be a getaway driver for Doc. However, Doc wants Baby to complete one more job before he earns his freedom.

With no other choice, Baby ends up agreeing to be part of one more heist hoping to get his freedom from the world of crime.

'Baby Driver' review and ratings

This movie is considered one of Edgar Wright's biggest openers. According to Forbes, due to good reviews and buzz, the movie grossed $30 million over the Fourth of July weekend.

This movie definitely deserves 3 out of 4 stars. It has great music, action sequences, and a sprinkle of humor with a slight twist at the end. The movie featured some well-known classic songs which made the movie enjoyable. Ansel does a good acting job and fits into the role comfortably. In addition, Kevin Spacey, Jamie Foxx, and John Hamm also did a great job in their roles.

The two leading actresses, Lily James and Elza Gonzalez, had smaller roles. They were basically just used as eye candy in the movie. The director nicely matched the music to the action scenes. However, the movie was a little long and dragged out. "Baby Driver" is now being shown at theaters worldwide and this is a movie you definitely will want to check out in a theater near you.