"Big Brother 19" spoilers come from the overnight live feeds. The new HOH may have already revealed his week 2 nominations for eviction. Late Thursday night (July 6) in the "#BB19" house, #Paul Abrahamian won the latest Head of Household competition, giving him the power to name two nominees. There were some unhappy houseguests in the game, primarily Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf, who know that they might be in trouble this week.

As for the "Big Brother 19" spoilers about who might get nominated, that information actually doesn't include Cody or Jessica.

Paul Abrahamian wants to work hard on a backdoor plan that will get Cody evicted at the next eviction ceremony, but in order to do that, he wants to try and make sure that Cody cannot play in the Veto Competition. In order to do that, Paul needs to put two other "BB19" cast members up on the block.

So who are the Week 2 nominees for eviction?

When the "BB19" houseguests finally went to bed early Friday morning (July 7), the latest plan from HOH Paul was that he was going to place Alex Ow on the block next to either Josh Martinez or Ramses Soto. Paul had a long conversation with Alex about her being a pawn in this situation and she seemed to agree with the plan. It's certainly possible that Alex was feeling a lot of pressure from the returning houseguest to do exactly as he was requesting.

In this scenario, where Alex Ow is used as the pawn, Paul Abrahamian would be putting one of two people he doesn't trust on the block next to her. He feels that Josh Martinez and Ramses Soto are both expendable, but the scenario he wants to see is that one of them wins the Power of Veto and comes off the block. At that point, Paul could then use Cody Nickson as the replacement nominee and very likely send him right out the front door of the "BB19" house.

These are not-so-secret "Big Brother 19" spoilers within the house

Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf certainly know that they are in trouble, so no scenarios for the week 2 nominations will be surprising to them. These latest "Big Brother 19" spoilers all point to a backdoor plan, no matter who Paul Abrahamian ends up nominating.

This is something that Cody and Jessica have already talked about, giving them very little hope to continue that showmance for the rest of the summer.

There isn't much left that Cody can do to save himself other than becoming one of the randomly drawn names to participate in the veto competition. Cody is very soon going to regret the moves he made during the first week, as the odds are strong that he is about to become the fourth evicted member of the "BB19" cast. Fans who want to see how these "Big Brother 19" spoilers play out can enjoy them on the CBS live feeds.