James Cromwell is best known for his roles in hit movies such as "Babe" and "The Green Mile." "Babe" was released in 1995 and the actor gained immense popularity as beloved Farmer Hoggett. Recently, the 77-year-old man took part in a protest in New York and was subsequently arrested by police after he refused to pay a fine. Cromwell is now facing jail time in Orange County Jail.

New York power plant protest

The protest of the New York Power Plant took place two years ago in 2015. Cromwell was among a group of protestors who took to demonstrating about the dangers of the power plant.

They were protesting that the emissions from the power plant were damaging to the environment and would worsen climate change. The New York power plant emits carbon waste. Cromwell lives in a neighboring town to the power plant and wanted to raise awareness of the issue.

The protest held up traffic, and as a result, the authorities were brought in. The protest was eventually dispelled, and the group has risen public awareness of the issue. However, six of the protestors were given fines, including James Cromwell. According to Variety, three of the six protestors have paid their amount of the fine.

Cromwell to face seven days in Orange County Jail

Cromwell was among the six protestors who were to be fined.

However, he refused to pay. The actor stated that it would be giving up. Protestors Pramilla Malick and Madeline Shaw also refused to pay their fines. All three of the protestors are now facing jail time. Cromwell is looking at serving a week in Orange County Jail. The actor has released a statement about the situation saying that he hopes the public will see the injustice nature of the imprisonment.

He hopes it will encourage more people to protest about the power plant.

According to NME, the three protesters deadline for their fine payment has been extended. They now have until July 14 to pay their subsequent fines. The expected amount is $375, and as of yet, there has been no comment on whether or not the three will take the offer.

However, James Cromwell is unlikely to back down as he has stated that if the protestors don't stick together, they will see no change. He advertised the popular mantra, power to the people.

Cromwell's representatives have yet to make a comment. The star is due to start filming the sequel to "Jurassic World" titled "Fallen Kingdom" in February. If Cromwell serves his time in prison, this will not affect the filming of the upcoming movie.