An unnamed source affiliated with Fifth Harmony revealed, in an interview with Hollywood Life, the real deal between the remaining members of the girl group and Camila Cabello after the latter left the band in December 2016. The "Know No Better" singer shocked their fans when she suddenly announced her exit from the band to pursue a solo career.

What went wrong between 5H and Camila?

Cabello's departure has strained her relationship with the rest of Fifth Harmony for allegedly making the decision without personally informing her co-members. Rumor has it that the four girls only learned about their Camila's exit from the quintet group through her representatives.

The soloist, however, denied these claims and insisted that she had discussed her plan to pursue a solo career with Lauren Jauregui, Normani Kordei, Dinah Jane, and Ally Brooke even before she actually left Fifth Harmony. Cabello also confessed that things are not looking well between her and her former co-members.

The Cuban-born singer said she tried to reach out to the remaining Fifth Harmony members, who allegedly gave her the cold shoulder. Cabello added it makes her sad to recall what took place when she tried to contact Lauren, Normani, Dinah, and Ally. The soloist stated she was expecting a smooth exit from the girl group until she learned about their reactions to her decision.

No love lost between 5H and Camila

The insider admitted that the remaining Fifth Harmony members were hurt when Cabello decided to leave the girl group to create her own music. It, however, clarified that the foursome band does not hate their former co-member despite what happened to their relationship after she left.

“They feel like she lied to them for ages before finally dumping them.

I wouldn’t say they "hate" Camila, that’s a really strong word but they are very hurt," a source told Hollywood Life. "The girls always had each other’s backs, they’ve been on this crazy fame rollercoaster ever since the "X Factor" days, and they vowed to always be there for each other."

The unnamed affiliate also revealed that Cabello's sudden departure from the girl group has left her co-members to doubt whether they would be able to continue their promotions as a band.

When asked if a potential reunion can take place in the future, the source said a reunion show for Fifth Harmony and Cabello is not totally out of the picture depending on the offer.

Meanwhile, the Fifth Harmony members stated they would like to retain their moniker despite the fact that they are now a quartet band. "Fifth Harmony is the name we grew up with and we worked for and it’s our brand," Lauren explained.