Michael Weatherly is one of the biggest foundations of CBS’ action police procedural series “NCIS” since it originally premiered in September 2003. After 13 years of playing the role of Senior Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo, he made an exit from the series in 2016, leaving fans disappointed. Apparently, he was one of the fan-favorite characters in the show and his love story with Cote de Pablo’s Mossad Officer Special Agent Ziva David was something that fans still can’t get over with. Last month, the actor teased that he can see his character pop out in the show at the right time and possibly with other characters including de Pablo’s David.

However, it seems that he recently hinted again that it wouldn’t be possible for him to return to the show.

Is he really done with the series?

Weatherly recently told Press Association that his time in the series is finished and the years of service that he did for the show is long enough for him to leave. He also cited Sir Roger Moore, who played the role of secret agent James Bond from 1973 to 1985, as his inspiration to cut off his character in the series. He explained that it’s too long for DiNozzo to stay in the show just like Moore’s James Bond for 12 years. “That character needed to be young and funny and I got long in the tooth,” he explained. “[The show] was such a big part of my life but I felt like I had completed my journey.

I don’t dream about “NCIS” or have that unresolved feeling.”

Well? That sounds like Michael Weatherly is trying to deliver a message to all “NCIS” fans that he is certainly done with the show. While this could be heartbreaking for all fans, his previous comment on the possibility of making a comeback to the series with some other characters is a huge thing to consider.

After all, he’s been one of the highly-requested actors that fans are eagerly waiting to return to the show to reunite with his character’s love interest Ziva David. Many fans are dying to see both of them as one family with their living daughter.

Special Agents Anthony DiNozzo and Ziva David

Cote de Pablo’s Ziva David in “NCIS” was killed during a mortar attack in Israel when she was on a mission.

Her body was never recovered and DiNozzo was devastated, who eventually found out that they have a living daughter together. He decided to quit his job to look for answers and to take care of his daughter. Since his departure, fans have been waiting for good news to see him again on the small screens.

NCIS” season 15 air date is yet to be announced but fans are looking forward to seeing the show again in September 2017 with Mark Harmon’s Leroy Jethro Gibbs.