Spoiler alerts for "The Bold and the Beautiful" indicate that Coco Spectra may end up on the Forrester family naughty list just like her sister Sally. Coco is young, inexperienced, and naive. She is in love with R.J. and feeling on top of the world. One decision, however, may cause her entire world to come crashing down around her.

Coco makes a bad decision

Spoilers state that R.J. will take Coco for a ride in his father's vehicle. The young love birds are having a really good time when R.J. allows Coco to take the wheel. She sends a text message while driving, and the car crashes. Ms.Spectra will only receive minor injuries but Ridge Jr's condition will be pretty serious.

This will cause friction between Sally Spectra's little sister and the Forrester family, especially since she did not have permission to drive this vehicle.

Coco's inattention while driving will put R.J.'s life at risk. His family will more than likely see this as another reason that Forresters and Spectras should not mix. First, Sally costs "Forrester Creations" millions because she stole their designs. Now, Coco, whom they embraced because of her honesty, has brought harm to the son of Ridge and Brooke. The teen will probably feel enormous guilt over R.J. suffering because of her bad choice.

The future for the Spectras and Forresters

The Forresters embraced Coco and did not hold what Sally did against her. R.J. being injured will change everything.

His family will probably revisit the reasons they believe a Forrester should not have anything to do with a Spectra. Once again, Coco's internship may be on the line and her guilt regarding R.J. will no doubt be enormous. Spoiler alerts indicate all these emotions may overwhelm the teen, and cause her a lot of stress.

R.J. allowing Coco to drive his father's vehicle without permission, as well as Coco texting while driving, were bad decisions but after all, they are teenagers.

Youth and innocence, however, cannot be a free pass for reckless behavior. Spoilers do not indicate the extent of R.J.'s injuries, or if he will recover. Both R.J. and Coco have had a drama-filled few months.

In addition to the Forrester/Spectra issues, R.J. was hoping his parents would get back together. He was shocked when his mom broke off her engagement to his dad and married Bill Spencer.

Now, an accident has been added to the chaos. Fans are hoping R.J. will pull through, and he and Coco can begin to enjoy life as teens should.

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